One more trip…

Ok , I am actually quilting too, but the leaves are such beautiful colours right now, and the days of fishing weather are so limited now I just can’t resist another fishing trip. Actually yesterday was on the chilly/rainy side and the water was pretty choppy a lot of the day but its just so good to be out there! And no offense to my employer but I have to say any day out fishing is better than any day sitting in my cubicle.

So on to yesterday, we did catch our limit of walleye and instead of a shore lunch hmm I guess you could say we had a boat lunch because Erik cooked in the boat. I don’t think anything is as yummy as fresh caught/cooked walleye.



Just a silly picture I took, I was trying to capture the amount of fish the fish finder was showing.


I just love the colours of the sky in the evening, so much of the day had been rainy and windy but by 7 the sky had cleared and the wind died down, well worth the wait.



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  1. Gosh darnit, Wendy! I wish I could go fishing! I grew up camping and fishing almost every weekend, until it would get too cold to go out. I miss those times. Your pictures are both fun and beautiful, and I’m so glad to see how happy you are!

  2. I loved eating walleye when I lived in Lino Lakes, MN! Yummy! Loved reading about your fishing trip and seeing your pictures!

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