The days are getting so much shorter and the weather has turned pretty chilly. We went fishing last Sunday and every time we turned around the weather changed from being sunny and warm, rainy and foggy to chilly. Still its just so good to be outside and enjoying being together and the beauty of nature. The Sunset was incredible, usually we are off the lake before the sun goes down so this was an exception.

Sunset at Whitefish Lake

One more thing about our fishing trips, there have been three different lakes this summer where we have been watched by eagles.


North of 51 Outposts Pickle Lake

Our weekend was fantastic. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, the drive both ways (about 6 hrs each way) was uneventful.

Hwy 599 the Road to Pickle Lake:


Loading the plane


after a 7 minute flight we landed on a nice calm lake, very smooth landing.


img_1452-small.jpgWell those who know me know that I have another passion in my life and that one includes fishing….with you know who 🙂

The first few pics are of our shore lunch at Fowl Lake on the border of Ontario and MN.

The others are of our catch at Hurion Lake, my Northerns was 30″ and the bass we caught that day was unusually large 🙂

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