Welcome Winter!

Winter came earlier this year than it has in many years. This seems more normal to me for this time of the year. I’m not crazy about the freezing cold weather but there is something so magical about all the snow.


I took this picture last Saturday night after our shopping trip it had been snowing all evening.


This is what we woke up to.




How Beautiful is this!!



My Colour

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One more trip…

Ok , I am actually quilting too, but the leaves are such beautiful colours right now, and the days of fishing weather are so limited now I just can’t resist another fishing trip. Actually yesterday was on the chilly/rainy side and the water was pretty choppy a lot of the day but its just so good to be out there! And no offense to my employer but I have to say any day out fishing is better than any day sitting in my cubicle.

So on to yesterday, we did catch our limit of walleye and instead of a shore lunch hmm I guess you could say we had a boat lunch because Erik cooked in the boat. I don’t think anything is as yummy as fresh caught/cooked walleye.



Just a silly picture I took, I was trying to capture the amount of fish the fish finder was showing.


I just love the colours of the sky in the evening, so much of the day had been rainy and windy but by 7 the sky had cleared and the wind died down, well worth the wait.



No Fishing This Weekend

Instead we went to Duluth MN. The dollar is almost at par which was a big treat for us!

What a beautiful time of the year and the weather was incredibly and unseasonably warm. Apparently we broke the record high this weekend that was 21C it reached 29C and wow was it muggy too. The leaves were just gorgeous along the lake shore. (for those of you who don’t know the drive from the MN border to Duluth is mostly along Lake Superior and the scenery really is spectacular.

This is the waterfall just past the border into the States its so easy to miss the turn off but now that we’ve discovered it we’ll be returning.



Katie and I with Captain Morgan…..



and above a Rabbagoat…..found in Toms Cabin Store near Knife River MN.

A Weekend of Paradise even though…..

The fish weren’t biting, and it was pretty chilly friday night. (there was even some snow) The bonfires were great and the fishing was so relaxing….the scenery spectacular etc… 🙂





Sunday was so much nicer out and the lake was calm, I love the way this pic shows the little creek that joins 2 lakes.


when we came to shore ready to pack up camp there was a wild turkey waiting for us…


and one last pic before we packed up camp.


The days are getting so much shorter and the weather has turned pretty chilly. We went fishing last Sunday and every time we turned around the weather changed from being sunny and warm, rainy and foggy to chilly. Still its just so good to be outside and enjoying being together and the beauty of nature. The Sunset was incredible, usually we are off the lake before the sun goes down so this was an exception.

Sunset at Whitefish Lake

One more thing about our fishing trips, there have been three different lakes this summer where we have been watched by eagles.


North of 51 Outposts Pickle Lake

Our weekend was fantastic. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, the drive both ways (about 6 hrs each way) was uneventful.

Hwy 599 the Road to Pickle Lake:


Loading the plane


after a 7 minute flight we landed on a nice calm lake, very smooth landing.


img_1452-small.jpgWell those who know me know that I have another passion in my life and that one includes fishing….with you know who 🙂

The first few pics are of our shore lunch at Fowl Lake on the border of Ontario and MN.

The others are of our catch at Hurion Lake, my Northerns was 30″ and the bass we caught that day was unusually large 🙂

img_1456-small.jpgimg_1451-small.jpgone-hand-hold-small.jpg Continue reading “Fishing”

My Aunts Quilt

100_4059-small.jpgThis quilt was pieced by my Aunt Marie (my moms sister) Quilted by me, bound by my mom and given to my Aunt Barb to comfort and encourage her in her battle with Brain Cancer.

I used Michelle and Terri’s Panto Feeling Groovy

My Aunts Quilt