The sun is shining, snow is melting and yesterday I wore my favourite spring jacket for my walk!! My daughter Mary joined me for my walk and although we had to play a bit of dodge the puddles it was wonderful to be out in the sunshine and warmer air!!

I’ve been busy playing/working in my studio this last week. Emily’s quilt is progressing although slowly, this is not a pattern to be rushed at least not by me.


I do have all 30 blocks to the stage shown and also all the outer rings ready to join and add to the blocks so slowly but surely its coming. I’m hoping to have this one finished and ready to enter into our spring quilt show this year.


This little one has been waiting to be quilted for, hmm well over a year. Its such a sunny happy quilt, it could be a baby quilt but I think I might just have a perfect place for it to live for awhile anyways.




I’m still waiting for a couple of shipments to arrive, sometimes its just so hard to be patient but I did order them on the 18th of Feb and its been long enough!! It just reminds me why I like to have my orders shipped to the border.

and todays goal? I should have Katie’s quilt ready to bind and hopefully be a little further along on Emily’s quilt.


and then there are the goodies in these tubes that I’m hoping to play with over the weekend! more news to follow.