Well that was a January! It’s seems to have flown by, we were fortunate for the most part to enjoy mild weather though one week was a lot colder than I like.

Winter isn’t over in Thunder Bay for a couple of months…

I meant to share these pictures from December earlier however life has a way of moving quickly…

December 27th 6:25pm Erik took this picture from the roof of the garage, while dealing with snow…if you are wondering why he was up there.
I was inside…if you look carefully you can see me in the kitchen. We love a hearty bowl of homemade soup for supper. This is my chicken and wild rice soup.
Early Christmas morning looking out the kitchen window.

February is off to a mild start.

Table Runners

Such a fun way to play with fabric or to make something that is fast and easy to finish are table runners. Every so often I am asked to help finish these projects. Fay sent me these pictures of her completed runners.

Lorraines Quilts

As a Longarm quilter I have met many quilters, some are brand new at this art and others have being making quilts long before I knew about them. I have always loved my friendships with women who are ahead of me on this life Journey. Lorraine is a true treasure she is now well into her 80’s and many times has said that this is her last quilt…not long after she will call with just one or two more.

Lorraine January 2021

Lorraine moved into a retirement home a couple of years ago, she had told me then she was finished quilting. Not long after she called and said that all the people there talk about is their age and health troubles. So she set up her utility closet as her sewing room and got busy. While she has been a wonderful customer she has also blessed me with so much of her wisdom. Despite many health issues she continues to be a very bright light and her friendship a true gift.

Jitterbug Pantograph
Lorraine December 2020

January 2021 piecing and life

I hesitated to share the following picture on my blog but in many ways it helps describe January 2021!

Moda Blockheads 3

We are once again in lockdown in Ontario, though this one seems a little easier for some and more challenging for others. Winter here is not always easy, thankfully for the most part we have had surprisingly mild weather.

I am blessed with family and also the ability to help as needed. It has been a busy month but also a rewarding month. We had a health scare in the family and this week received good news such a huge relief for us all.

So one day a week or so ago I was tired, and feeling like I hadn’t had any me time…I also had a whole day to myself! I made the most of it and played with my toys and made a mess. I rarely do any paper piecing but I did enjoy making the love block and it inspired me to keep going on the Moda Blockheads quilt that I began a year ago.

Slowly coming together, why rush

Sixteen Years…

My Longarm quilting machine is an APQS Millenium and was delivered 16 years ago today. That New Years Eve my youngest daughter and I set my Longarm up in the Living room she was 9 at the time. It amazes me that we did that considering that the manual was not exactly clear or easy to follow!

My Millie!

I had never actually touched a Longarm before it arrived and knew very little about machine quilting. It’s been an adventure ever since. I used to chat very regularly with a group called lachat… we were all learning at the time and at different levels but everyone helped everyone it was fantastic!

I really wish that I had kept better records of exactly how many quilts I have quilted. The early years were so busy, I was raising my four daughters and working outside of the house as well as my small business.

My Longarm helped keep the bills paid and food on the table but the best part of course have been all of the friends that I have made and the creativity that I have witnessed and been inspired by!

Happy Birthday Millie!!

Minka’s Quilt

Do you use a design wall? I am fortunate to have space for a couple of them and they are never empty. My daughter chose the pattern and fabric that she wanted for her soon to be baby and we worked together on the design process.

The pattern that my daughter chose is Delight by Zen Chic, the fabrics were a combination of Zen Chics Spotted and Paper collections along with some pulled from my stash. A big thank you to Shari at Road17n quilt shop in Winkler Manitoba for her help and fantastic service. I have now ordered many times from her shop, the orders always go out the same day and are here before I know it!

The backing fabric is just to cute. It was ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop thankfully before the border was closed. I live fairly close to the Minnesota border and we do miss our quick trips to pick up packages.

Minka’s Quilt before quilting

Life was still pretty normal, I was busy with quilting, work and family…I had my Grandson Liam a lot over the March Break and he kept telling me that he wished that March Break was longer….be careful what you wish for 😊

Winter 2020

January and February continued on as the winter months here do with perfect quilting weather and many opportunities to shovel snow and to drive in less than ideal conditions.

I was able to keep up with the Moda Blockheads 3, though this project really pointed out how quickly a week flies by! I have a quilting group that meets at our local Recreation Centre every Thursday which allows me hours of relaxed piecing time, so my plan had been to work on a block every Thursday.

Audrey’s Quilt

This beautiful quilt was Audrey’s own design. It was so perfectly pieced and a pleasure to help her bring her vision to completion. The size made it difficult to capture in one picture.

It looks like some of the blocks were paper pieced however they were made using templates that she made herself. The centre was pieced then appliquéd onto the pieced top.
It’s always a pleasure and privilege to be entrusted with someone’s work and allowed to add my touch to the quilt!

Towards the end of February I began planning a very special quilt for my Granddaughter to be.

The Year Not According to Plan!

In my previous post I shared that I had plans for the year and one was to keep up with my blogging. Well I had good intentions and with busyness social media is so much faster and easier… but let me take up where I left off.

This quilt by Florence was the first customer quilt of 2020. Florence is also a longtime and good friend of mine. Her quilting hobby began with a small quilt class that I taught about 25 years ago!

I also made time to quilt some of my personal quilts which isn’t always an easy thing to do.

Disappearing hourglass was a really fun quilt to piece with some yardage and a layer cake. I had a little fun photo shoot on a nice January afternoon.
A small quilt that I used up some charm pack squares and also tried out a new to me pantograph.
Such a pretty quilt again making use of a layer cake and yardage. Half square triangles are so versatile and easy to make. I made really good use of my bloc loc ruler making this quilt!
I call this quilt my spicy one, I just love all of the fabrics in it. It was made using a roll of 6 inch strips and my 60 degree ruler.
How perfect is this backing fabric!

The year was off to a great and fun start. I even started the Moda Blockheads 3 quilt. Not that I really needed another project. However I have a quilt group that meets on Thursdays at our rec Center and I allow that time for piecing so it seemed like a doable project.


Welcome to my site, it is a work in progress so hopefully you will see changes in the next few weeks.

2019 was a challenging and interesting year that brought me to a point where I knew that it was time to make some changes. One was to resign my position at work and become a casual worker. The shift work is hard to juggle especially the nights. As much as I love what I do at work… caring for people who are waiting for long term care…I also love quilting. I needed to find more balance and by the end of 2019 I had attained just that.

My quilting for Customers is a joy and now that I have more time to focus on my quilting my turn around is much faster and so much more fun!

Another change that my decision has afforded me is that I am able to spend my Thursdays at our local Rec Centre. If you are in Thunder Bay, it is the North McIntyre Rec Centre. I spend my Thursday afternoons there and am available for new quilters or quilters that are working on a project and would like to learn or improve their skills. Contact me at wendysquilting@gmail for more information

I had set some goals for myself for 2020. One was to complete my Winter Village Quilt. A pattern, fabric and silhouettes by Edita Sitar. I fell I love with the quilt when I first saw it online, it was the appliqué that really caught my eye.

I reached my goal and quilted this with a windy Pantograph on New Year’s Day!