North of 51 Outposts Pickle Lake

Our weekend was fantastic. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, the drive both ways (about 6 hrs each way) was uneventful.

Hwy 599 the Road to Pickle Lake:


Loading the plane


after a 7 minute flight we landed on a nice calm lake, very smooth landing.

Busy Week

I set a goal for myself and accomplished it! What a great feeling. Two Queen sized quilts left today and 5 wall hangings yesterday. I’ve been working on the bear paw quilt for a couple of weeks, the other queen was a panto job that I didn’t take pictures of and the wall hangings are gifts for the quilters bridesmaids (the wedding is this Saturday she brought me the quilts last Friday) They are quilted using the Star Swirl Panto.







I really enjoyed quilting the bears paw quilt, I wish I’d taken better pics though…




Devon Rd House

devon-rd-house-6.jpgdevon-rd-house-5.jpgdevon-rd-house-3.jpgdevon-rd-house-2.jpgThis house really intrigues me. I wish I knew its story. Its on the way to one of the lakes we fish at, very close to the US CAN border and no where near town. I wish now that I would have taken a peek inside so next time I probably will. I was going to but then I got this funny idea that maybe some hermit would jump out and yell at me.



img_1452-small.jpgWell those who know me know that I have another passion in my life and that one includes fishing….with you know who 🙂

The first few pics are of our shore lunch at Fowl Lake on the border of Ontario and MN.

The others are of our catch at Hurion Lake, my Northerns was 30″ and the bass we caught that day was unusually large 🙂

img_1456-small.jpgimg_1451-small.jpgone-hand-hold-small.jpg Continue reading “Fishing”

My Aunts Quilt

100_4059-small.jpgThis quilt was pieced by my Aunt Marie (my moms sister) Quilted by me, bound by my mom and given to my Aunt Barb to comfort and encourage her in her battle with Brain Cancer.

I used Michelle and Terri’s Panto Feeling Groovy

My Aunts Quilt