Emergency Quilt

When I first started my Longarm Quilting business I remember other longarmers talking about Emergency Quilts. You know the ones that need to be quilted yesterday and most agreed that there really wasn’t such a thing.

Sometimes though life has some twists in it and although I am busy, with quilting for others and also a few projects underway I have to slip in an emergency quilt. You see one of my co-workers needs a comfort quilt and she needs it yesterday. Of course that’s how I feel, and I only wish that a quilt could really make someone all better. About a year and a half ago I lost one of my favorite Aunts to brain cancer and now my friend is in her own battle with it. She is too young and her kids are too young to loose their mom. Life is just not fair!

Anyways I’m taking a break from my piecing projects this week to make a comfort quilt that will hopefully bring some softness and warmth during this very difficult time.

img_2667-small-2My plan is to make a label and press it on freezer papers so that my coworkers can write her messages . I remember using pigma pens to do this in the past. Has that wheel been reinvented? Are there any better pens to use?

A Sad Tale and My Quilting Update

We were going to take our usual Sunday afternoon hike today but first Erik wanted to show me something in the back of his property.


He’s had a stand of Pine trees that he’s been really proud  of, they really are beautiful trees.


Last week when he went back there he notice that almost all of them had been stripped of the bark which means they will all die.

While we were looking at the trees……look what else we saw


Yep, thats the culprit. This porcupine has been a very busy critter. Its amazing how much damage such a small animal can do and so thourough too check out these branches:

even-the-branches-smallSome of the branches are so small you’d think it would have fallen out of the tree.

On a brighter note heres a shot I took from the back looking towards the house. I love the little playhouse.


The wind was really bitter today so we skipped the long hike. I sure hope spring is planning to come soon.

On the quilting front I accomplished quite abit on the custom job on my machine, I still need a full day or so to complete it but its coming along. I’ve been spending alot more time piecing these days, I need to remember not to let life get so busy that I don’t make time for my domestic machine and making quilts.

rosy-checks-trimmed-blocksAll trimmed and ready to be sewn into a top

hello-betty1And my Hello Betty Quilt I have 44 half square triangles trimmed and another 44 to trim and another 88 to make…

This week will be a full one so hopefully I’ll still be able to tuck in some sewing for me time and get the customer quilt done and delivered.  I want to be able to do it all but with a full time day job its pretty challenging.

My oldest daughter will be home from Texas tomorrow night….and with her my order from Fat Quarter Shop, I’m very excited to see both of them.


Today was one of my favorite things. Working full time outside of my home makes me really appreciate Fridays. I also really do appreciate my full time job, the security it give my girls and I as well as the opportunity to be of assistance to others. I work for a government agency that puts in home care. Nursing, homemakers, OT/PT and some other services that for the most part are in place to enable seniors to remain in their own homes as long as possible. We also put the nursing services in so that people can go home from the hospital and recuperate in the comfort of their own home.

Still I do love Fridays!

My plan for tonight was to work on a customer quilt for the most part. I was supposed to be home alone all night but instead one was home for a visit and my youngest was home longer than she’d thought and had a friend over who also brought her mom along so we could meet. ( the girls are 14 and are abit horrified when we moms want to meet each other, but I really do like to know their friends moms if possible) Turns out her mom is making a quilt and has made a few in the past and wanted to see my studio. So I did not get as much work as planned but there’s always tomorrow.

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Duluth, we just needed abit of a getaway.This winter has felt extremely long and the trip did help. I woke up before everyone so I went for a little walk. Lots of snow and ice still but Lake Superior was open in Duluth, we are 3 1/2 hours north and the lake is still frozen here.




Grand Marais is a little town a couple hours from here in MN. It is a cool little town so worth a visit. There’s a great Quilt shop there called Crystal’s. There are actually a few quilt shops on the way to Duluth and this time I discovered a new one called Behind the Seams….I was well behaved but oh that shop was full of my kind of fabric…

I was really well behaved partly because we didn’t want to go over our limit and pay duty and also because I went on a bit of a binge ordering from Fatquartershop.com and Hancocks this week. Next week I’ll share some pictures of my latest additions to my stash. I really have to ground myself from those sites for abit I think 🙂


I did piece all the blocks for my Rosy Checks this week, I decided to piece a few every time I had a few minutes to spare and tonight I pressed the last few. I couldn’t resist laying them out to have a peek. They still need to be trimmed before I put the top together, but it felt so good to finish the blocks. I think Erik’s mom will really like this quilt.


I’m ready to start my Hello Betty Quilt. One of the reasons I like the Moda U quilts is that I can just cut and piece. Sometimes I just need to use my tools and these quilts fit the bill for that, I get to use some to the newest fabric lines and they give me variety and I get to try some new patterns, some are easier than others and sometimes easy fits the bill especially when life has been challenging enough.


My youngest daughter has been creative all of her life, always prefering craft supplies over toys. Making all her gifts and even making things to sell while she was in grade school. She made Rice Bags a couple of years (grade 5 and 6) and sold them to classmates and teachers, promoting them as gifts they could give. That little girl has a business mind. Anyways a couple Christmases ago she made me this pillow using my little scraps from the Wuthering Heights quilts I’d made and then wrote on the back of it. It is one of my most treasured items. Sometimes she’ll ask me to put it away (remember she’s 14 now) because her friends always read it and ask her if she made it.

She told me this morning that she thinks that paint is her medium. She just completed a semester of Art in Highschool and really enjoyed it, even though she found it hard and challenging she apprecitated how much she learnt.




This week was a long and tiring one thankfully its a long weekend! Ontario celebrate Family Day on Monday.

In my last post I shared some pictures of some of my Dads wood carving. This picture is of the Thunder Bay Carvers Associations Quilt. My Dads block is the Eagle on the bottom row. This is not my Dads first quilt however


When they first moved back to Thunder Bay, my parents lived with the girls and I while their house was being built and I challenged him to make a quilt.

You can see it here I think he did a great job on it and it was fun to quilt.

I started my newest quilt this week, I love piecing. One of the girls I work with is also a quilter and the other day she said “I’ve always loved the sound of using the iron” I have too. I love every step of making a new quilt.


I’m also working on this customer quilt. I’ll get more done tomorrow, what a great feeling to wake up on Saturday and know I don’t have to rush out the door, I can take my coffee and get to work on what I love doing.


Here’s one more little Valentines project, I have one more to finish hand stitching the binding down on. Sometimes its just fun to make a simple little project I can finish up.


Happy Valentines Day!


I love the Christmas Wish BOM that I found at Gail Pan Designs I am going to make another block for the quilt but decided to make this one as a little valentines hanging for my little cubicle that I spend so much time in. It is bound and hanging, I used the pink version of the border fabric to bind it but didn’t get a picture of it before I took it to work.


I thought it looked abit lonely so I also did this one. I have done any embroidery in years and I’d forgotten how relaxing I find it.


This weekend I started cutting out My Rosie Checks Quilt kit that I picked up last weekend. I just love the colours and I’m itching to just get at this one and get it done but I’ll have to settle for a bit at a time a savor the journey. I have quilt jobs to do and that day job of mine really takes up alot of precious quilting hours. I am thankful for my job really I am I just wish I had a clone that I could sent there and put in the hours for me.


We celebrated my daughters birthday at my parents over the weekend

img_2559-smallhmm is this really what 23 looks like?

img_2548-smallI’ve been meaning to share some pictures of some of my Dads work, he started carving when Sarah was born or shortly afterward and is incredibly talented, if I do say so myself 🙂 My mom has painted many of his pieces and one day I’ll share some pictures of her many talents.


img_2564-small-2last year my Dad started carving whimsical houses. They are so cool and each one is different. His gift to the girls and I were our own collection each. 3 smaller ones to hang on our Christmas trees and one bigger one for display. These are some of the ones he as at their house.

He’s also carved many Father Christmas’ using trunks from Christmas trees waiting for the chipper. Great recycling eh?


One more picture, from the hike Erik and I went on yesterday. We came across a couple of partriges sitting on tree branches just above the trail. They are really funny birds, usually when I’ve seen them they are standing on a country road and they don’t move out of the way, they’ll stand just like statues and I’ve seen cars go over them and they’re still standing where they were unfazed.


One more thing I’d like to share is another blog that I’ve been visiting. It belongs to Nicole and even though I’ve never met her she’s been (being) a bad influence on me 🙂  I love her quilts and her fabric  and pattern choices…she is partly to “blame” for some of my recent shopping trips at fatquartershop.com.  There are of course many more blogs that I love and spend far too much time visiting and getting so many ideas that I may need another lifetime to try.



I hear we have another 6 weeks of winter….well that’s really no surprise around here, winters rarely finished around here until the end of March. Spring takes it’s time arriving and by the middle of June we can start planting.

Tuesday was My Eldest Daughters 23rd Birthday, she has really grown into a beautiful young woman inside and out.  She has been a joy to raise and watch her become who she is. She’s an awesome big sister and always was right from the day she found out she’d be a sister when she was 3 years old. This spring she’ll graduate University with and Honors Degree in Social Work.



This winter has been long and cold. I’ve really been feeling cabin fever……so what did I do?

img_2503-smallI went shopping at fatquartershop.com I really don’t have the time for piecing but I”m going to schedule some time in. I also ordered a few new patterns that I wanted to try. Some from Hancocks and due to the ice storm I’ve had to wait for their arrival. Of course now that I’ve ordered more patterns I’ll need more fabric right?

img_2508-smallMy Valentines quilt is bound and hanging.

img_2511-small1This weekend I’m working on a custom customer quilt and also on a few little projects.  That I’ll share a little later.

Til then TGIF!!