Change, seems to be the theme to life these days. On the quilt front I’ve noticed that my fabric choices have changed, almost everything I’ve done this year has had red in it and I love everything I’ve made this year. Maybe I needed that extra punch that red adds to a quilt.
The pattern I’m using is Gypsy Rose from the book Fat Quarter Five by Heather Mulder Peterson, the Fabric is Picket Fence by Cloe’s Closet that I’ve had for a few years, it was a Moda University Kit that I really didn’t love the pattern so its been patiently waiting. I’m almost finished the 31 blocks, I’m not sure where this quilt will live but so far I really like it.

I’ve already shown my Hello Betty top, which screams red to me, it makes me think of picnics and fun times with little ones


And I’ve finished my first Schnibble from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co Hot Cross Buns in the Patisserie collection by Fig Tree Quilts


and the mail came today, I’m planning a couple of quilts for my older girls with this fabric, 2 of whom have their own places and the other will soon have her own home, The pattern I’m using is in Heather Mulder Peterson’s book Livin’ Large, her website shows the quilt in 2 versions one says Faith Hope Love that was the quilt Emily would like and separately Sarah saw Live Laugh Love and that’s the one she loves. Marys will be a surprise. The girls already have quilts but thankfully they love them and are always more than happy to receive more.
Seeing the girls become young women is very exciting but challenging as well. I guess this is the stage of parenting that I have to trust that I’ve done my job well and let them spread their wings to become who they are meant to be. Katie will still be home for a while and it will be a big change for both of us when Sarah really does fly, the house is already quieter and for Katie she’s always had big sisters around, she won’t really be the baby when its just the two of us.


Another change was announced last week that one of our Local Quilt Shops Patchworks is closing, the owner wants to retire. I attended the last Thimbleberry club meeting Monday which was sad, alot of those ladies really enjoy the smaller group and sharing. Our local guild has a membership of 200 or so. That shop opened when my girls were little and I have so many memories. Patchworks really helped to bring Quilting to Thunder Bay.

One more change, its a big and exciting Happy change too
Spring is coming and with any luck the deer will not help themselves before I see the blooms this year. (the little white curls are shavings of Irish Spring soap which is supposed to help deter the deer as well as the cat if anyone has any more ideas to naturally keep them out I’d love to hear about it)

Hot Cross Buns

Although Easter is over, I’m finally getting my Hot Cross Buns made. Well my wall hanging that is. This is a Schnibble Pattern from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. Carrie Nelson has designed so many patterns that I love and these little Schnibbles of hers are irresistible, they use a couple of charm packs and abit of yardage and not as much time a a bed quilt. I can’t wait to have this one finished and hanging up.


I’ve also discovered another designer that I’ve fallen in love with her designs, both her fabric lines and patterns. Heather Mulder Peterson of Ankas Treasures I have a couple of her books and if I work didn’t’ take up so much of my time I’d have a few of those quilts made up.

I have a cute and pink sampler on my machine right now and if all goes well I’ll have it finished tomorrow. I believe the pattern is called Elizabeth’s Sampler this is one of 2 that I’ll be quilting.



The other night, I was upstairs in my room and I had a feeling that someone was looking at me from outside. I was right there was a deer standing just below my window partway on my deck. My camera was nearby, but I wasn’t fast enough. A couple nights later it was back with friends.



Just when I grounded myself from adding to my fabric collection for awhile…
I won!
As a mom of girls I’ve been thinking grandsons will be fun one day which is why I guessed that the Jolly’s are having twin boys. How exciting for them! so I will be adding a Charming Jelly Roll Cake to my collection and I’ve decided that what I make will be mine. I love making quilts for others but this collection is so me 🙂

I finished Rosebud Lane and delivered it to its owner yesterday. Margaret quilts are always wonderful to quilt, this one was really fun for me to quilt.





and last but not least the back, I always love how the backs turn out on custom jobs.

and one more top pieced, I love how happy this top looks and it will one day be the picnic quilt and play quilt for the someday grandbabies I’m hoping that we’ll have. (Its the Hello Betty Moda University Kit)

I think spring really is showing up its supposed to be 12C today and the sky is blue and my window is open…..I really wish I didn’t have to spend the day inside at the office today….but then again I am thankful for my job….its just that I need to be outside and I really need to be quilting 🙂
Have a great day!!

April Showers……Snow Showers that is

March went out with a Roar and April began after a 50cm snow storm, heavy wet snow. The driving was treacherous and the kids had yet another snow day. I’m really hoping that’s it for the winter weather. The forecast is for temps above 0 for the rest of the week and even for sunshine!!! Maybe spring is going to show up after all it is April!

I’ve been busy this week with a customer quilt that I’m really enjoying its called Rosebud Lane.

Rosebud Lane
Rosebud Lane

The feathers don’t show up really well but I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out, they are freehand.


Which left very little time for piecing but I did get all of the blocks done for my Hello Betty quilt as well as the sashing ready.


There is just something about the depression era fabrics that I’m drawn to, I still have a collection of basket blocks that I made when I really didn’t know what I was doing yet. That is one of my quilting goals this year to finish one of my oldest UFO’s. One thing I’ll have to accept is their imperfection. I have a depression era solid yellow that I’m planning to use as the sashing this quilts been in progress for almost 20 years. Some of the fabrics in these blocks were from the first time I ever ordered quilting fabric…it was a medley from Keepsake Quilting and the beginning of my stash.

And speaking of stash here is another addition to the stash, I have a couple of cakes and jelly rolls but didn’t add them to the picture I’m not sure what I’ll make with it but I’m enjoying the thinking about it stage. I’m at that stage with a few collections right now.


I started the Bunny Tales BOM,
I know I’m way behind but I’ve also never done hand applique and I’ve chosen this quilt to learn. I did the first block but I’m not happy with it so I’ll start over, I think I know where I went wrong so hopefully I’ll get it right. I’ve watched several youtubes on technique so with any luck.. I’ll have something to show sooner than later.
I’ve also started another embroidery BOM from Willowberry Designs
This one is also a late start and I’m almost finished the first block. I’ve started doing handwork on my lunch breaks at work, I can get a fair amount accomplished if I try.

My oldest is officially finished University all except the ceremony. She starts her first career job on the 14th so she’s taken the opportunity to visit Jeremy in Texas this week. When she finished her job placement on Friday she was given an Easter Lily that was still all buds and asked me to take care of it for her 🙂 It’s blooming Sarah!