Congratulations to my Graduate!!


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My eldest daughter Sarah graduated with first class standing in Social Work today. She’s worked so hard these last 4 years and done so well. I know that she will be making a very positive impact on our world! She truly is an adult now and a pretty amazing one at that if I do say so myself.

Sarah has really come along way:
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Last night I had a little friend of mine over, she really wanted to play with my girls but these days, more often than not the girls are out. She is so cute and asked me if she could come in even though no one was home (I thought to myself what am I??? chopped liver?) I had a quilt job that I really needed to get done last night but decided to take some time for her and show her how to use my sewing machine. It was so fun and she is so smart too, I told her how to program the machine for embroidery and she set it up to put her name on the little quilt. We used some little leftover blocks I had, so it really didn’t take very long. One thing that I really appreciated was the speed setting on my machine for teaching a little one. I have a feeling we might just have another little quilter in our midst.

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I was able to finish up and deliver the quilt on my machine last night.

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Busy Week

Time seems to have a way of getting away on me, some days just pass in a blurr between my day job my girls and the house and quilt jobs and trying to fit in a little exercise and of course a little life for myself etc. I’m always striving for balance.
At work I see the young moms juggling the needs of their little ones and having to work with very little sleep and I’m thankful that I get to sleep at night and that the girls are for the most part self sufficient.

There are days when I look at my daughters and can see that a large part of my goals as a mom have been reached and while that makes me feel so proud it also makes me a little sad too. I’m not sure at what point in my mothering career it was but I decided that it was a job I needed to work my way out of. I’ve tried really hard to never micro manage my children, instead I’ve encouraged them to become who they are meant to become. Instead of making their decisions I’ve tried to teach them how to make their own decisions. That wasn’t always easy because there were times when I felt they were making the wrong ones, sometimes I was right but sometimes I was wrong. Of course I never allowed them to make decisions that would endanger themselves or others not that they ever really wanted to anyways.
Last weekend my youngest told me that she thinks I’m a good mom actually she used the word “chill” (high praise from a 14yr old). She said alot of her friends are very frustrated by their parents. I told her that she really owes a lot of thanks to her older sisters who paved the way for her. A mom learns so much along the journey of raising 4 girls.
Life as a mom has taught me so much, definitely that the phrase this shall soon pass is very true, that just when I figured out how to deal with a stage in my girls life’s that the stage would pass, that worrying is really a waste of energy, Praying is a much more efficient use of time.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the above, life has changed so much in the last few years and there are so much more to come.
These little birds of mine are spreading their wings and leaving my nest, and my heart aches abit. Its so bittersweet, I’m so thankful that I’ve been blessed with 4 girls to raise and call my daughters. When I allow myself to think back in time there are so many memories that flood me with joy and yes some that make me thankful that we’ve survived it. I’ve known these young woman since before they were born, when all they really wanted in life involved me. Now I have to move to the sidelines of their lives and continue to cheer them on. Well I still do have my baby at home with me and she’ll be with me for at least a few more years. Isn’t it amazing though how fast those years fly by…..

Here’s this weeks picture of Mary’s Kittie, I’m sure glad my babies didn’t grow as fast as this little one. He sure is cute, and I’m so proud of how well his mama is caring for him.

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Last weekend was our Long weekend and Saturday morning we were greeted by this in the morning (this is the little patch of rhubarb beside my deck, the previous rhubarb pics were taken at Eriks)

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I finished up a cute little custom quilt and only took a few pictures of it before it left, thankfully I’ll be able to get more pictures soon as it belongs to a friend of mine. It was fun to quilt and I think its one of my favorites that I’ve done for others.

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and what caused all my pondering above about being a mom?

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Congratulations to Sarah and Jeremy on their engagement

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A Little of This and a Little of That

Mothers day was great here with only one not so great part and that was it was my first Mothers day without all of my girls with me. Emily did call 🙂 and she’ll be home at the end of the month for a quick visit.

We have a new family member, he belongs to my 3rd daughter Mary. This picture is of Katie with him, Mary was told this little guy is 6 weeks but he sure is tiny. So far his name is Cornelius I asked her if we’ll call him Corny for short.

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This is Mary doing her Princess pose, we girls really are all princesses after all aren’t we?

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and Mary and I

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This quilt belongs to a friend of mine. I quilted it last week. Life really got in the way of the quilting last week. I did finish piecing some blocks this weekend and worked on a mini quilt.

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Yesterday morning there were some visitors in Erik’s yard. They are kinda pretty and I really enjoyed watching them run away with their white tails flying behind them. Its too bad that they do so much damage.

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Spring really is coming and soon we’ll have rhubarb.
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I’m wondering who thinks it can make a new home beside my front door…sure hope its not a skunk. The hole was filled in today and I’m hoping it will relocate.

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My Quilt Guilds Quilt show was this weekend as well as a banquet with great friends and a wonderful trunk show by our very talented Joyce McKinnon.
Joyce and one of her beautiful works of Art
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and some of my very favorite friends
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Smelt Run

It must be spring, the smelts were running this weekend. Erik and I went out at about 11pm Friday night and finished at round 2am. I wish my pictures showed the whole picture. There were 100’s of people there all ages, there is always a lot of talk about how much better smelting used to be and that every time you’d put your net in the water it would be so full of smelts some would be jumping out. I do remember hearing of people having so many they’d use them for fertilizer. For those of you who haven’t heard of Smelt fishing, my understanding is that the smelts swim upstream from the lake into the creeks to lay their eggs. Some people love them many won’t touch them. Erik cleans them and cooks them in Shore Lunch and lots of butter, very yummy!

Saturday was moving day for Mary and she and I spent the day moving most of her things to her new place. All in all the day went very smoothly esp considering how tired her mom was 🙂 She didn’t want any pictures taken of her place until it was set up.
One Saturday picture I did get was of Katie and friends and the breakfast they made.
ok so 2 pictures (Katie’s the one in the middle)

On the quilting front I finished up a customer quilt and last night cleaned my studio and gave my longarm a good cleaning and oiling. I’m hoping to get a quilt loaded and started after work tonight. and speaking of work I’d better get going…
Have a great day!!