Labour Day

Life is so hectic at times its hard to just relax and not feel stressed about the things that I should be doing. I know that for my personal well being I need to allow myself down time but still there are always so many things calling me. My day job takes a huge chunk of my life and then I have quilts at home waiting to be finished up so they can return to their owners. Then of course there are the quilts that I want to make or that are in the process of being made. This house is always needing attention. Most importantly I want time with my loved ones! It seems like yesterday there were 4 little girls living with me, this house at times felt very overcrowded, it wasn’t really just abit overflowing at times, esp when they all had friends over. I remember how I used to wish for even just a snippet of peace and quiet, these days that’s more the norm than not when I’m at home except for the voice in my mind that reminds me of all the things that need to be done.
and then there is our short summer that I try not to miss any of, one thing that makes me feel like a little kid are the fridays when I know that after work Erik and I are getting into the motor home and heading out for the weekend. It usually hits me after lunch…..the excitement!
Labour Day we decided to head to one of our favorite spots that we always visit each summer, last weekends weather was incredible! I was so excited to camp at our favorite spot…..but then when we got out there…..other people had the same idea!!! Turns out there are other campsites that we hadn’t discovered yet and now we have some new ones to visit. Life does have a way of working out.

our morning view
I’m ready to head out for the day!!
The walleye weren’t biting but we (Erik) did manage to catch a couple. We did catch a lot of perch and they were very yummy!
We discovered this next camp site from the lake so went to shore to explore and decided that we will probably camp here another time. (Erik just had to climb up this rock for a picture)



This lake and most others we visit are on whats called Crown Land, meaning it belongs to the Government anyone can camp on it. I love the feeling of being in the wilderness and having space. No close by neighbors unless its by our choosing.

This brings me back to what I was trying to say at the begining of this post..I think that one of the reasons that I get so excited about heading out camping and spending the weekend fishing, is that its one of the few times in life when that voice in my head telling me I need to get busy is actually quiet and I let myself guiltlessly relax.
So guess where I’m heading shortly!!!!
We have Monday and Tuesday off and the weather is looking great too! As much as I love summer, fall has so much to offer too!
Have a great weekend!
and hopefully I’ll have more quilting to show soon.

Wendy’s Island

This little lap quilt is finished and delivered, what a happy little project to work on. I have a picture of it with it’s new owner but its at work so I’ll have to post it another time, for now though


Its backed with Minkie and quilted using the Daisy Swirl Panto by Jodi Beamish

We try to get out fishing as much as we can, what can I say its a passion of mine and we live amongst such beauty.

I had really hoped to catch my first lake trout but I’ll have to keep trying, thankfully Erik had more luck than I did

I think the highlight of this fishing trip for us was that Erik’s Parents were there




We made a little pit stop on an island. Turns out it was mine..Wendy’s Island 🙂 Erik has heard that a finnish woman in her 40’s likes to spend extended time on this Island. She has a cooking area set up, as well as a sleeping area and a potty area as well.


I also found a few lovely blueberry bushes, and for those of you who don’t know, Northern Ontario wild blueberries are the best!!


We have often visited the Heritage Site in Finland MN and have heard about the festival they hold every August called Tori. This year we decided to make a day trip down and see it.


There was a market with different crafts for sale, beautiful woven rugs which are a favorite of mine, though I’m not sure why I didn’t get better pictures.


The food was yummy even though it wasn’t really the Finnish food we’d expected. There was entertainment, but we had hoped for some Finnish flavor, it was enjoyable though.

The booth that caught our attention the most though was the black smith. He and his wife were in costume and so informative.



well it finally arrived…..

Summer that is, even though August wasn’t much better than July we were able to make the most of it anyways.
I left off with fishing…
well August did see some quilting, some piecing this is the quilt in progress for a coworkers sister. Using the Clementine collection from Moda.
I’ve also been working on my Block of the Months from Fat Quarter Shop, I do have to get busy with August’s block though before Septembers finds it’s way here.

I’m really loving this quilt, though I have to admit it’s awfully hard for me to work inside during the summer. My day job is at a desk and when I can I much prefer to be outside in the summer.
One night we did a little target practice..a first for me and I somehow managed to hit 2 cans at once, twice!

One weekend we drove down to the states and finally toured The Split Rock Lighthouse, it was spectacular. This picture is taken of Lake Superior from the Lighthouse.
"Lighthouse Keeper"
a few shots in the Lighthouse keepers house: