An Early Weekend

Today was my Saturday, until now my day job has been Monday to Friday. This has recently been changed and starting this weekend there will be a weekend rotation and I’m first. So I had today off as well as tomorrow. I had planned to be busy here at home and I was. I started the day with a quick vacuuming of the house; you see my daughter and her little Kitties have moved into their apartment. I have to admit that part of me enjoyed the kitties’ antics but the allergic to cats part of me should be breathing easier…well once this cold leaves me that is.

Once I had the house put back in order, I got out the Elizabeth blocks and I have the top laid out on the Living room floor, its still there waiting to be sewn into a top, hopefully tomorrow. I like to look at the blocks over for a bit before I commit to their placement. I also finished loading a customer quilt and got a start on it. Then I thought I’d work on my fatquartershop BOM and did get a good start but my head feels so foggy today that I decided to quit while I was ahead. I sure hope to feel better tomorrow.

I’ll add so pictures tomorrow of my Elizabeth progress assuming I have the energy.

So for now I’ll tell you what’s happening with my original Summer Wind Quilt, The picture shows the top hanging on the line. You see when I made and quilted it, I was fairly new to longarming and I used a panto on it that I’m not really crazy about. I prefer more density in my quilting and when this quilt was washed it just didn’t look right to me. A friend of mine offered to take out the quilting for me this winter and I took her up on the offer. I’m hoping that in time all of the previous stitching lines will blend away and I’ll be much happier with my quilt.

Sarah asked for a photo shoot tonight. She is 35 weeks now and I think she looks beautiful. She keeps asking me if I remember this and that about being pregnant and its funny all I remember is how much I enjoyed expecting each of my girls. I was fortunate not to have any morning sickness or any other complications with my 4 pregnancies and I also thing that time has blurred my memories..

An Elizabeth Update

Thank you so much to Nichole at Sisters Choice for her post on my Elizabeth quilt and then so many wonderful comments from her and others on my work. You all really made my week. So much so that I did get the setting triangles finished last night despite the cold I have and being exhausted. I’m working overtime on my day job today so no quilting for me. Sometimes my day job really does interfere with my quilting passion J hopefully I’ll get the top put together this week.

One of the reasons for the cold could be the late night smelt fishing Erik and I did last weekend. It’s a spring thing to do around here, so at 2am last Saturday night we were down at the waterfront. You can see one of the grain elevators by night.

We (well Erik used the net I held the pail) accomplished what we set out for and got home around 4:30 am

They are pretty yummy when they are fresh so we had a couple feeds and froze some for trout bait for later in the season.

Sunday I uncovered the flower beds, how exciting to see the asparagus up and other perennials returning. The prairie crocus in bloom too. I am so loving my new camera!

I was able to zoom into this visitor from the deck

This last Wednesday was Professional Administration day and my team knows me well, they presented me with this gift

That is my Tag Sale quilt as background.

One last picture and then I’d better get ready for work. Last night I walked into the living room to find my youngest busy at work and ran back up for the camera. When I first saw them the kitty (Girdy) was totally posing for her. Katie my dtr is 15 and has been creating her whole life, she never really bothered with toys.

Have a great Weekend. And thank you again to everyone for so many visits to my blog and lovely comments too I really do appreciate hearing from you!


An Unusual Treat

I haven’t made a lot of progress on my Elizabeth quilt; I did cut out the setting triangles and hopefully will find the time and energy to work on them this week. Work really does take up a lot of my time and then there is life…

If you’ve been following my blog for any time you know that I have another passion, but I usually have to wait until June to indulge myself. This year has been different due to some very unseasonably high temperatures that cleared the ice off the lakes.

I worked some overtime on Saturday this weekend and then spent Sunday:


Fishing, here is my first catch of the season. (ok one of my goals for the year is to get over my fear of holding live fish!

It was a beautiful bright sunny day and time just flew by, but oh the fresh air and sunshine was wonderful and we did bring home a great catch. We know what we are having for supper tonight.

(note that I had programmed my new camera for this shot, I really love the blues and how they were captured, I thought the camera was still set for this next shot but the colour doesn’t reflect it)

I also love old buildings esp houses/homesteads, this was taken at the end of the day at the boat launch:


Where did the time go?

My little holiday has flown by and now it’s back to the office.

I feel like I didn’t accomplish a lot but I did get some much needed rest, some outside time and of course some quilting.

The Elizabeth Quilt is well underway, I still need to cut out and piece the setting blocks which shouldn’t take too long and then add the border, maybe one evening this week. I still need to play with the block positions before put the top together, I just wanted to lay the blocks out today to show Alva when she came by to show me her latest blocks..and I’ll be sharing pictures of that quilt sooner than later I’m sure.

Alva also brought me a beautiful surprise


This is my moms Thimbleberry quilt from a couple of years ago that I quilted for her over the winter. I need to take better pictures next time I’m over, as the lighting wasn’t the best. But these pictures show some of the quilting.

My mom and my daughter Katie 2 very creative ladies, this is one of several pictures that I took during our Easter dinner at my parents and I really like the expressions that I captured.


My dad was interested in my new camera and had me take a picture of the bird feeder in full zoom, from inside the house and about 15 ft away. My dad is a wood carver and is very interested in studying birds; I still need to practice using my camera, what a shame that I have to work for a living instead of working on my creative endeavours.

Another 2 days of doing what I want

Yesterday was the day to tackle the half square triangles. There are 144 2 ½” and 12 6 ½” hst’s in this quilt. I’m not crazy about all the trimming but it doesn’t take too long and it’s definitely worth the effort.

The quilt is starting to take shape now; I have all the main blocks finished now and had the time today to sew the centre and first round together. Now I’ll need to take over the living room for a bit and lay the whole quilt out. I’m hoping to have the top finished before I head back to work Tuesday.

This is the
second time I’ve made this pattern. The first time it was offered as a kit from, it was my first of many purchases and they remain one of my favourite online shops. My only gripe with them is that they make it too easy to splurge!

Any ways here is that first quilt, Elizabeth by Carrie Nelson aka Miss Rosies Quilt Co. made with the Wuthering Heights Collection (that I still love and have a little stash of) This quilt was quickly claimed by my daughter Sarah and it will soon be returning to Texas along with the rest of her quilt collection. She also has a charm quilt made with the same collection.

Elizabeth is a fun quilt to piece which is why I’ve always wanted to do it again. The new quilt will be a wedding gift for one of my daughters friends who is getting married in July.

Yesterday morning I dropped of a quilt to one of my customers. She invited me up to her sewing room and then showed me one of the quilts I did for her recently. She wanted me to see the quilt rack that her son in law made for her, that was in her bedroom. Then I noticed the quilt on her bed and my first thought was oh that’s nice I wonder who quilted it……oh my, my memory is failing me. I wonder if that happens to other longarmers as well?

I did spend some time working on the black and white quilt that I posted yesterday, it’s almost halfway finished.

I probably won’t be back in my studio until Monday and hopefully I’ll be able to spend the whole day again.

Have a great Easter!

Another Wendy Day

I didn’t spend as much time in the studio on my play day 3 but I did manage to get a quilt loaded on the longarm and the squares cut out for the half square triangles needed in my latest quilt.


My daughter Sarah asked if we could go for groceries together in the morning which we did. I think I’ve mentioned before that she’s an amazing cook. Well when we brought the groceries home she suggested that we clean out the fridge first, the two of us working together made pretty short work of a fairly big task and when we were done she put the groceries away and made us a lovely lunch and later made Mexican for Supper (a healthy version I might add)


I had planned to sew all evening but the girls talked me into going to the show with them.

It was opening night for The Last Song; this movie is a big time Chick Flick! If you are going to see it make sure you bring along some tissues!



All in all it was a great day!