Finished Sunny Trails and the Possibilities Club

Sunny Trails is quilted and bound and ready to hang in the new shop next month. (other than the label) I am so happy  with this quilt, and I’m already thinking making another with scraps. I think this quilt has also been claimed once it’s finished being shown in the shop……more to follow on that.



Tonight was the second meeting of the Possibilities Club. This is a group that was started as a means to discuss different uses for pre cut fabrics as well as other ideas for using scraps that we all seem to accumulate. We meet once a month and each month one or two people will run the meeting by bringing in some ideas that they’d like to share. I’ve offered to take my turn in June.

There’s nothing like spending time with people who share your passion!

Sunny Trails Continued and some etc..


I’ve been busy working on Sunny Trails and the top is now ready for quilting.


its such a sweet little quilt. Hopefully someday I’ll have a granddaughter to give it to eventually. The only thing I’d suggest if you choose to make this pattern is that it would probably be easier to put the blocks together if you press the seams open. I still prefer to press to one side.

I had enough fabric left over to make these 9 patches


I have another layer cake on order so I think I’ll make another quilt and use the scraps with these 9 Patches and make a schnibble pattern.

But first I’ll finish piecing Emily’s quilt.

Erik and I watched Great Balls of Fire on DVD last night. It was a good movie, colourful fellow for sure.




I spent the afternoon with my Mom. I had bought my parents tickets to see the Tommy Hunter show (his final tour) but my Dad had a carving workshop this weekend so I went instead. For my Canadian Readers you know who he is. He really put on a good performance and said that he’s decided to retire while he can still perform. He’s 74.

The Tommy Hunter show was on the CBC for 27 years, many of those years during my childhood. This clip was with Johnny and June, I was fortunate to see them live as well. I always loved the Johnny Cash show.


My Kind of Day

It was sunny out today, but surprisingly chilly I think I heard that it got to –17C overnight brrr considering its supposed to be spring.

Anyways I spent a good part of the day doing what I set out to do today and I’m happy to say I have all the blocks except 2 small parts completed.



The reason I say except for 2 small parts is that the grey pinstripe I chose to use is directional and I made a mistake in placement so I had to fix my problem and I’m now short 2 3.5” pieces. Thankfully I have a good quilting friend who has come to my rescue and I’ll be able to finish up the last block in the next day or so.

I know that this quilt is a copy of one that I saw, but I love the fabric and I love the pattern so I will now have one too. I highly recommend  Sunny Trails and will make it again and probably with stash.

Sano muikku

I’m still busy working on my Sunny Trails Quilt and loving it more and more, though I might add that instead of using the solid grey as the pattern suggests I’m using the pinstripe..I thought I’d figured out which direction I wanted the stripes and then realized too late that I needed to make a change. It’s all good to go now.

I also have 4 quilts that need the binding sewn down hopefully sometime this week.

So I thought I’d share a little more about my trip to Finland last summer…

While we were in Finland Erik thought it was funny that his relatives would say “Sano Muikku” when they took pictures. It has the same effect as saying “say cheese” only Muikku isn’t cheese.

Then one day I came across a post at this blog I found her blog to be a very interesting read.

You see Muikku is a real treat in Finland, they are small fish that are seasoned and fried as shown, and so yummy. So instead of Say Cheese in Finland it’s Say Fish!



I think Erik’s cousin was very surprised at how much I enjoyed them.


Sunny Trails Quilt

I fell in  love with the Sunkissed Collection (Sweetwater for Moda) and was doing really well restraining myself. That was until I came across this pattern on the Moda Bakeshop site

I love this pattern and esp the fabric. I am always drawn to yellow in quilts so this one drew me right in. I’m already thinking of other fabrics I’d like to see this pattern done in. If only I didn’t need to sleep, then maybe I’d have more time to to make all the quilts in my mind.20110121_11edit

The pattern is by  Corey Yoder and her blog is at  (I will warn you that her blog could be very dangerous if you are not looking for a new project to start!) but what candy for the eyes!

I think I ordered the fabric that very day, then I had to wait because I’d decided to have the fabric shipped to my house instead of the border, the wait was a little more than 3 weeks!! If I’d had it shipped to the border I could have had it in 3 days. (lesson learnt)

It is snowing here today… I’ll go spend the afternoon with my Sunny Fabric!



My much anticipated mail has finally arrived, this collection is so wonderful. It’s bright and sunny and reminds me of some of the clothes I wore when I was small.


March can still be a grey month here the weather does let up and the snow starts to melt, but that means lots of puddles and all the mess left behind from the sanded streets and walks.

We quilters here in town are anxiously waiting for April 1st not only to be closer to the summer but we are getting a gift!!!! A brand new quilt shop being opened by a wonderful, full of life, and exuberant woman who is so enthusiastic. Her shop promises to be a wonderful place for quilters to gather for clubs, classes and even visiting.

My Sunkissed  quilt  will be hung in her shop for opening, what a pleasure!!

I’ve also made more progress on Emily’s quilt, the final round of ribbons are ready to be sewn. This quilt will take a backseat while I work on the Sunkissed top but I still plan to have it finished by the end of the month.



Do you remember the post when I showed you this?



Well inside those tubes were the new wheels for my longarm. I love my APQS Millennium and have spent many many hours quilting with it. One thing I wasn’t crazy about though was my machine felt heavy and I felt like it took a lot more of my strength to guide her than I though it should.

Then came my very favourite personal technician who is also my very favourite guy! Erik put my new wheels on my machine on Saturday. I don’t think my wheels have ever been as perfectly adjusted as they are now.



and let me tell you, my machine floats now, I love it! I could hardly wait to load a quilt and try them out!!!

So on Sunday that’s just what I did


After my oldest daughter took all her quilts to Texas, my other girls were complaining that there weren’t enough snuggle quilts for the living room. I used a flannel back for this quilt and oh my it was fun to quilt! What a difference!


We went out for dinner in Rauma and Erik’s cousin Erikki said we’d go out for Kebabs. I thought we we’re going to have shish kabobs. Not quite


That is all finely sliced beef under the pita like bread and salad on the side. I was never really sure of what I was ordering…..sometimes I was suprised.

This dinner was really good but enough food to serve my family for supper!


Erikki’s son Patrick had just come from soccer practice and happily ate everything on his plate and helped another cousin finish eating hers.

after dinner we went for a walk around town and came across this site


From a distance it really did look like women that were swimming in the canal! It turned out they were very realistic statues.


a few after diner drinks…



Lace Making and Old Rauma

I’ve always been interested in lace and years ago I was interested in learning to tat, I was about 19 at the time and I didn’t know anyone who knew how and any books I could find were not very helpful so I gave up the idea.

While we were in Finland last summer we visited the town of Rauma and it  just happened to be Lace Week!

This girl was demonstrating the art, it was fascinating! I’m not sure that it’s something that I’ll be taking up though!





Old Rauma was fascinating, it has  a population of over Six Hundred. Nearly 30 hectares of aged wooden houses are from the early 1700’s. A total of 600 buildings  narrow and narrow winding streets and alleys and irregular lots. Many of the buildings have become shops but there are still many that are peoples homes.

It was fascinating.




No matter where we girls live…..some of us have to have our workshops!




When I was small, this bowl was what my Mom mixed cookies in. I really only remember her making shortbread at Christmas in it. At some point she must have gotten newer mixing bowls and the set of 2 bowls became mine.

I hate to admit it but I took my bowls for granted, and I’ve used them regularly for the last 25 or more years. My 4 daughters have all used it many times as well. The smaller white one has lost all the details and the bigger one (not the one in the picture) is fading fast.

Anyways, this bowl holds a lot of memories for me, when I was a little girl this bowl seemed enormous to me, it was a magic bowl that meant cookies would be coming. (not a regular occurrence so it was exciting at least to me)

For years now I’ve thought about getting a new mixer. ( I wore out a Sunbeam after 15 years, it really was a workhorse) I replaced my Sunbeam with another but it only lasted a couple of years with a lot less use. The one to have it seems is the Kitchenaid one, but I just never bring myself to get one.


I can’t help but think that I’ve managed this long without, and do I really have space for one to live.

Maybe I should just see if I can find some new Pyrex Aqua mixing bowls instead hmmm