The little collection that grows

One of my daughters, Mary is so not helping me stay away from searching for Pyrex!

When we are out running errands she’ll say oh you know Mom we should pop into Value Village…and that’s all it takes. I do admit that I am having so much fun sharing this with her, and she assures me that she loves my Pyrex and will take some as needed.


I’m still on the lookout for the original piece that I’d like to replace, but in my travels I’ve added 2 more covered casserole dishes, 2 egg cups, 2 kitchen dishes and a delphite blue divided dish and as you can see a vintage egg beater.


and from Kijiji and help from my friend Jaki I was able to obtain a still brand new in the box set of Autumn Harvest bowls to add to Erik’s collection..well kind of if you know what I mean (I’m going to share)


I love these pieces and I intend to use them. This set of bowls cost me $12. I don’t think you can buy 3 new bowls for that price.

and speaking of Erik, I couldn’t resist taking this picture of him Apple Picking on Sunday, it’s not my favourite shot but I promised not to share that one.

Last year we weren’t fast enough picking all of the apples and a bear really did a number on the other apple tree, which didn’t produce this year.


My Love of Pyrex

In a previous post I shared some pictures of Pyrex and also my love of the Vintage pieces. I still have not found a replacement for the bowl I have (that is sadly faded from dishwasher use).

Yesterday I was able to add a Pink 4 pc set as well as a Gold 4 pc set and a matching casserole with lid to my collection. I will use these pieces  because they bring me joy! (though they will never ever see the inside of a dishwasher!!)


I’m still on the lookout for this one


My daughter Mary was with me when I bought my new pieces and assured me that she would like to have them when I no longer need them and hopefully some of her sisters would too.

My Birthday Weekend

I love my Birthday, I consider it a celebration of life……years ago I decided that one day just wasn’t enough. So Although my Birthday is at the end of June I always say it’s not over until Erik and I have gone fishing and camping in September and he has to grill a smokie for me on the campfire.

Well my birthday is officially over…..I guess


We enjoyed a spectacular weekend of perfect weather. Two nights with campfires both nights were warm with a clear sky.


Three days of fishing


We caught our limit of Lake Trout……..Yumm!



and Bass

and then while Bass fishing I caught this (thankfully after 15 minutes of fighting with it Erik brought it in!) For those who don’t know it was a Pike (39” long and 14 lbs)


I love September fishing especially when we get great weather, I was also able to take a couple of swims……the weather has changed and we may only get a few warm days here and there before the cold air starts to settle in for the next several months.


Thank you Erik for another awesome Birthday Weekend!!!