November Guild Meeting

The meeting last night as always was a lot of fun, Norma (our guilds president) always does her best to keep the business side of the meeting short and sweet and informative. She and the rest of our executive really do an awesome job!!

The show and tell at our guild is always great and last night, when it was finished said oh is that the end? She wasn’t finished looking a quilts Smile but then are quilters ever finished?

After show and tell last nights program was a demo night.

Louise showed the teacup pincushions she’s been making


Peggy showed us how to make book covers, I really like the bookmark!


Cindy had a fun snowman wall-hanging to show us and had some other fun ideas to share as well.


and Joyce shared some of her ideas and techniques for making..hmm I didn’t get the name of this one but it sure was fun and interesting and I plan to play with this in the near future!




Joyce is planning to hang some of the leaves that she’s made in a tree outside for the winter, I think it’s a great idea to bring such a fun colourful as well as whimsical art to the long winter days!

Too Close For Comfort


Not too many years ago people around here thought it was really something to see a few deer, which lead to people feeding them even in the city.

Now they’ve become a big problem in the city, I don’t know how many times I’ve had them run out in front of my van when I’m driving. I’ve even had them burst out of the woods right in front of me when I’m out walking..yes still in the city.

Yesterday this buck was hanging out in our parking lot and was not interested in leaving, when we tried to send he only started towards us. Thankfully the city passed a bylaw last night, which makes feeding them against the law. We’ve had problems with neighbours feeding the deer and refusing to stop.


My Love of Pyrex Continues

I’ve been slowly adding pieces to my collection. Today I found what I originally started looking for on the bottom right you can see my Cinderella Bowls in the Buttercup print.


I was gifted this cabinet by my friend Marlene recently and what a perfect fit it makes in my home!


I just love how my daughter’s little pig family looks with my pink Pyrexl


Emily spotted this piece the on the bottom it says Pyrex England.


What a happy day I found 3 butternut print Cinderella bowls. The large bowl is in mint condition and is just what I was looking for.

I’ve recently added some carafes to my collection as well as several more bowls and other pieces.