The Blurrr of January 2013

How can a whole month pass so quickly? I know that it’s not quite over but it’s getting there.

I don’t think that I’ve mentioned that I was recently hired by Wesway, as a casual respite worker. This month I’ve completed my training and also worked with my first family this last week. It feels like a perfect fit so far.

I will still be Longarm Quilting for my customers! This is the latest quilt to come off the Longarm. (more pics to come) This quilt is 104”x94” and is made completely with 2 1/2” half square triangles. Marilyn’s piecing is incredible and this quilt is perfectly square and was a dream to quilt!

I also taught the first class in my new sewing studio, Tuesday night.

photo (5)

Update on my new sewing room, my ironing station needs a few tweaks that will happen tomorrow. I will share pictures when it’s finished, but I will say it’s exactly what I’ve envisioned for several years now.

The floors and baseboards are all finished and look awesome, thank you to Taylor and Josh for so much help. They are also the twin power pack and moved a lot of heavy furniture as well as my elliptical for me and made it look almost effortless.

Anyways last night I finally put my design wall up in my new studio

I bought 2 sheets of 4’x8’  1” thick rigid foam insulation. I cut them down slightly to accommodate the baseboards and a little off one side to make a perfect fit between two electrical outlets.

photo (7)

I taped the two pieces together using Gorilla tape and also attached the batting with the same tape. (worked like a charm)

I attached it to the wall with screws and upholstery washers. Last night while visiting blogs I came across Katie’s which is very close to what I did. By the way her blog is so worth visiting regularly!

My finished project:

photo (8)

I have wanted a huge design wall for so many years, how much easier will this be when laying out the blocks for  queen size quilts. My knees are already thanking me!

More Progress

My new sewing room really is coming together! I am loving the colour that I chose and the flooring that is almost finished being installed (the plan is for today!!) and the baseboards too!

Thank you to Taylor and Josh for so much help and to my grandson Liam who would like to be the apprentice too.

photo (3)

I chose to put in a florescent light fixture with daylight bulbs which give me true colour. I love the amount of light I have with hardly any shadows.

I’ve purchased 2 sheets of rigid foam insulation that is 8’x4’ that will become my new design wall.

more to come…

I have a quilt on the longarm and several to follow, as well as this quilt that will be finished soon.

Wolf Song is a kit purchased from the kit is for a twin but I will be growing it into a queen. The pattern is by Lisa Moore.

photo (2)

Happy New Year! What’s Happening?

I know this is late and somehow that last month just moved along faster than I was able to keep up!

One thing I love about January is the calm that seems to take hold after the busyness of the Holiday’s

I’ve been busy with a few things lately, one being painting and preparing my new sewing studio.

I will still have my longarm studio downstairs but I’ve been transforming my Master Bedroom into my sewing room/classroom.

The lighting is excellent, night-time sewing will be a breeze which is a wonderful thing this time of year when it’s dark so early in the day and on those grey cloudy days.

I will have a larger ironing station/cutting station and an 8’x8’ design wall, as well as an area I can finally hang finished quilts for photographing.

I’ve painted the room a soft and lovely yellow and now I’m just waiting for the baseboards to go in and the furniture moved. Oh and there will be so much more storage room for my stash.

I’ll be sharing pictures as well as more about what my plans are for this year.