Sixteen Years…

My Longarm quilting machine is an APQS Millenium and was delivered 16 years ago today. That New Years Eve my youngest daughter and I set my Longarm up in the Living room she was 9 at the time. It amazes me that we did that considering that the manual was not exactly clear or easy to follow!

My Millie!

I had never actually touched a Longarm before it arrived and knew very little about machine quilting. It’s been an adventure ever since. I used to chat very regularly with a group called lachat… we were all learning at the time and at different levels but everyone helped everyone it was fantastic!

I really wish that I had kept better records of exactly how many quilts I have quilted. The early years were so busy, I was raising my four daughters and working outside of the house as well as my small business.

My Longarm helped keep the bills paid and food on the table but the best part of course have been all of the friends that I have made and the creativity that I have witnessed and been inspired by!

Happy Birthday Millie!!

New Years Eve

Last December 31st I spent the day working on my Winter Village quilt adding the Silhouettes. With the plan to quilt the top New Year’s Day. I actually met that goal. 2020 was off to a great quilting start!

Winter Village

Like most years I had some ideas of what I wanted to work on over the coming year and was looking forward to a couple of retreats I had planned to attend.

Retreat meals are the best, it’s like being a child called to dinner! No decisions of what to make, food is ready and no dishes afterwards. Just yummy food and good conversations.
The morning view from the retreat house looking over Lake Superior.

do hope 2021 will once again allow for retreats!

The best part of course is spending time with other quilters and hours upon hours of sewing and being inspired and encouraged by like minded friends!

If some one had told me that the spring and early summer would involve making hundreds of masks!!!
One for Erik!

Due to heavy duty mask making, a machine a friend had mentioned she wanted to sell was added to my collection

I love having a truly heavy duty machine that sews through many heavy layers without pause!

As a treat this machine also joined in!

I have been wanting a Juki for years and this one just happened to find her way here!

Most of my 2020 sewing/quilting was spent on baby quilts and masks some Moda blockheads 3 which I will continue to putter on and see where that takes me.

My Longarm has been busy this year. As always I have been so thankful for the ability to help others finish their quilts!

Quilting and Life 2020

Somehow this strange year is coming to an end…though here in Ontario Covid restrictions will be with us to end this year as well as when we enter into 2021.

The year has not been without blessings, two new grandchildren have been born and we have been able to see and hold them. We are healthy and have had a little more time to enjoy what we have.

I wrote about Minka’s quilt in a previous post it was a true labour of love working with my daughter to create exactly what she envisioned.
Jaxson arrived in September. We had visited a quilt shop in Grunthal Manitoba and found fabric that fit the description his Mom had given us. One was a panel so I chose more fabric than needed which ended up being two quilts.
Berkeley has also joined our family! Liam is now 9 and is the proud co owner of his buddy. Berkeley is now much bigger and busy…this grand pup will not be getting a quilt any time soon. He does add a lot of fun and laughter into our lives.

I have kept busy with my quilting and honoured to help so many quilters to finish their projects. One of my favourite parts of quilting has been making new friends and especially sharing my passion of quilting.

Anessa pieced this quilt for her sons 10th birthday it was her first quilt and self taught, she had planned to quilt it herself until she realized what an undertaking such a large quilt would be on her small machine.