Table Runners

Such a fun way to play with fabric or to make something that is fast and easy to finish are table runners. Every so often I am asked to help finish these projects. Fay sent me these pictures of her completed runners.

Joan’s Kaffe Quilt

Joan’s quilt was the first customer quilt of the year. I quilted it during a very grey cloudy week. The brightness of the Kaffe Fassett fabrics with the white background and oh the backing was just the ticket to light things up a bit.

I chose the pantograph by Bethanne Nemesh, called Nemesh Feather Grande which to me really suited the quilt. I also love stitching this out and that particular week I needed some relaxing stitching which it provided.

Joan’s quilt

Unfortunately, the sunlight did not reappear before the quilt was picked up and the only picture of the finished quilt was before it was trimmed. Joan will bind it with the solid green that is in the top.

Oh and check out the backing!

Lorraines Quilts

As a Longarm quilter I have met many quilters, some are brand new at this art and others have being making quilts long before I knew about them. I have always loved my friendships with women who are ahead of me on this life Journey. Lorraine is a true treasure she is now well into her 80’s and many times has said that this is her last quilt…not long after she will call with just one or two more.

Lorraine January 2021

Lorraine moved into a retirement home a couple of years ago, she had told me then she was finished quilting. Not long after she called and said that all the people there talk about is their age and health troubles. So she set up her utility closet as her sewing room and got busy. While she has been a wonderful customer she has also blessed me with so much of her wisdom. Despite many health issues she continues to be a very bright light and her friendship a true gift.

Jitterbug Pantograph
Lorraine December 2020

January 2021 piecing and life

I hesitated to share the following picture on my blog but in many ways it helps describe January 2021!

Moda Blockheads 3

We are once again in lockdown in Ontario, though this one seems a little easier for some and more challenging for others. Winter here is not always easy, thankfully for the most part we have had surprisingly mild weather.

I am blessed with family and also the ability to help as needed. It has been a busy month but also a rewarding month. We had a health scare in the family and this week received good news such a huge relief for us all.

So one day a week or so ago I was tired, and feeling like I hadn’t had any me time…I also had a whole day to myself! I made the most of it and played with my toys and made a mess. I rarely do any paper piecing but I did enjoy making the love block and it inspired me to keep going on the Moda Blockheads quilt that I began a year ago.

Slowly coming together, why rush

2012 Designer Mystery Block of the Month 2021 First Finish!

When My Longarm quilting adventure first began I joined a club through the Fatquarter Shop called Moda University. I really enjoy piecing and it was fun to receive the kits to play with during a period of my life that was already so busy.

I did finish and gifted many of those quilts and they were great for practicing my quilting.

I also started their Designer Mystery Block of the Month programs. One is ready to be quilted, one is still in the finished stage and the latest one as of yesterday is ready for binding

Moda 2012 Designer Mystery Block of the Month.

I chose the Pantograph Be Mine by Patricia E. Ritter and Leisha Farnsworth. I love not only the density but the very pretty lace like look it adds to this very pretty quilt.

For some reason I didn’t buy the backing that I wanted at the time and as with most fabric collections if you don’t buy it when it comes out you take your chances. Thankfully I was able to find the perfect backing from

Such a pretty backing
I love this machine and the walking foot for bindings.
Ready for hand stitching.