On the life side of life

This last week marked a new beginning! Not only was it Eriks birthday but also the beginning of retirement.

I had so much on my mind I meant to put Pappa not Erik on the cake.

Liam has been looking forward to Eriks day for months as it also marks his half birthday and he is really looking forward to being 10.

He and Pappa both have a deep love of Dairy Queen Cake so Liam was pretty pumped to go shopping for that. I had a few other errands to do and we both agreed that it would be best to pick up the cake last. I told Liam that it was his job not to let me forget the cake!

We grilled bison burgers on the green egg for supper. No pictures but they sure were yummy!

Liam spent some time with his Great Grandpa learning to sketch caricature faces. My Dad is an incredible wood carver and artist and it’s so nice to see him sharing his skills.

On a silly note Liam discovered the heat lamp in the sauna change room.

Elizabeth’s Quilt

Elizabeth told me that she was inspired by a quilt that she saw while visiting a family member. Sometimes it’s just like that, we see a quilt, admire it and is stays with us.

This causes many a quilter to start collecting fabrics particularly when the quilt was scrappy! This quilt finished as a large queen. Her rules were white on whites with various blues and reds from depression era fabrics.

One word of advice when piecing such a quilt is to stay stitch as you go. What I mean by that is that when you have so many seams esp on your edges that if you stitch 1/8” from the edge it prevents seams from popping open either from handling or being loaded onto a Longarm frame.

I often will stay stitch a quilt for my customers if they haven’t. It makes loading and quilting much easier.

This was such a happy quilt to work on!

The backing really suits the front though working with it wasn’t always easy on my eyes.

A Lot of Life Happening…

There is a quilt on my Longarm ready for trimming and another ready to be delivered…

Today is Erik’s 65th birthday and last day of work! The long awaited and planned for retirement begins! We will begin it with a lot of fishing as we are still restricted in travel.

Today is also Liam’s half birthday which he is also pretty excited about. He and Pappa have been discussing ice cream cake for some time.

Liam and I went on a hike not far from here, yesterday…his first long hike with me and half way through he asked if we could start doing it more often. It’s an hour and a half and a good workout!

We were also testing out the new walkie talkies they worked really well.

The hike is in a conservation area which made for a great teaching opportunity.

Adding his Inukshuk
Hard to resist!

When we got home, Pappa had discovered a mouse family in our boat…I went inside while Liam excitedly assisted in the eviction!

He thought bringing the evidence close to my face was pretty funny!

So our summer is beginning. I will still continue to Longarm Quilt as it’s just what I do 😊

One of the most exciting to Liam esp was this discovery under our deck which is in clear view from the pool. More to come on that I hope!

Moda Blockheads 3

I am starting to really want to move on, however I am determined to finish this top and it needs to be soon… well not that I will rush it, I just am doing my best not to start something new until this top is completed.

I wanted to add a large block to this quilt and found one in the original block head quilt it was by Corey Yoder and finishes at 24” square. I wanted something that I could incorporate some pineapple blocks which this block fit the bill.

I began with the outside of the block

These were completed last weekend.

Of course life gets busy and play time gets limited.

Liam is here Monday to Friday and I help him with virtual school and try to come up with fun outside activities.

Customer quilts take precedence over personal quilts often though there are times when the ideas in my head need to come first!

I was finally able to finish my big block yesterday

I plan to lay out the blocks this week and decide layout and sashing etc

Cathy’s Maple Leaf Kaleidoscope Quilt

This extra large queen size quilt was a joy to quilt. We chose the pantograph Maple Syrup to go along with the theme of her border blocks which were pieced maple leaves with the addition of appliquéd stems.

Carols Winter Quilt

It’s spring and this week Liam and Decided it would be safe to finally store the winter boots etc… We have been enjoying our walks in the woods looking at all the new signs of growth!

Carols quilt has a very winter feel with skiers flying down the slopes. We chose the snowflake pantograph which adds a windy, snowy look. The quilting really showed on the black and red checkered flannel backing.

This soft flannel adds such as cozy feeling to the quilt. Though we are hoping not to need very much flannel for a few months!

Mother’s Day

This is a picture from many years ago but a favourite of mine with my 4 daughters. Back when life was just a blur of busy days but in so many ways a favourite season of my life. As a young Mom I strived to do my best, to be who each of my girls needed me to be.

Now so many years later, they have all spread their wings and are busy living their lives as they should be. I am so proud of the women that they have become.

This was my third Mother’s Day without my Mom. It still seems strange to not call, and visit with a gift.

Mom with her first great grandson Jerry. Shortly after he was born.

It was a quiet day here, and actually an opportunity to play. I spent a part of the day working on my final block…at least I think it will be…for my Moda Blockheads quilt. I have had this idea for a while but very little time to execute it.

One Block Wonder

Eryn’s One Block wonders centre reminded me of the water colour quilts from a few years ago. She made her quilt a more modern version adding the red and black borders.

One Block Wonder quilted using the Pantograph Rhapsody.
Her backing was a playful print of bees and flowers.

That was a Week…

Life has been full and busy. I love my quiet morning starts though with helping Liam with virtual school Monday to Friday the mornings are busy.

There has been a lot of talk about how students are managing and after sitting close by and listening to the class I can tell that there are kids that really buy into this type of school and several that really don’t. Without constant parental supervision the kids are zoning in and out logging in and out or just not doing it.

For the last two weeks, I sat with Liam for most of his classes and did my best to encourage him and to do his work in a timely manner. With some success but not all. His teacher really is doing a great job considering but the tools are not ideal.

At times I have told Liam to put on his shoes and go run off some of his energy… I am afraid that virtual schooling is turning Liam off of learning. To be honest it’s been exhausting. I cannot imagine how I would have managed working from home and my 4 girls when they were school age.

Anyways we did have some fun too!

My granddaughter celebrated her first birthday and Liam and I made her cake.

Minka’s first Birthday Cake
An archeological dig…
A visit to the local garden centre to he had to try out this chair.

Also a little piecing and two customer quilts completed… one left today

Liam and Art

As our continued lockdown due to Covid continues along with the schools being virtual only. Liam and I worked hard this last week on studies…virtual learning is not easy nor is it for all kids.

We were both thankful for art on Friday, early in the week the kids were told that they would need items from nature. Liam bought into this project right away! He began collection items while we worked on readying the flower beds for summer.

On Friday we watched a slide presentation and video. The students were instructed to create their art outside and take pictures to be uploaded on the school platform.

Starting out in the front yard, after getting out his old wheel barrel only to realize that he has more than outgrown it!
We headed into the bush where he found a large stump to use as his platform. Using a robins nest left from last year as his centre piece he added various pine cones and a crocus to the nest then various rocks and a pine bough…he wanted to make a teepee with some branches he found so we tied them with a willow branch.

Then for more colour he found some birch branches left from last falls tree harvesting.

He had so much fun making his art! What a great project kudos to his teacher…who also made it clear that these projects were intended to stay outside.

After a very busy week, he finished it off with a bubblegum ice cream cone.