First Fishing trip of 2021

The three of us decided yesterday morning that we needed a fishing day!

It was a bright sunny day and while we knew that fishing and the full moon don’t always mean a good catch we persevered.

Our adventure included some exploring and pictures of Liam on an interesting rock that looks carefully placed.

It’s actually so much larger close up!

A tiny island that provided a safe little swimming hole. This lake lacks areas for swimming.

The rocks under the water are very slippery and the lake is deep.
A good climb and view and another first for Liam.
Another first and According to Liam the most fun part of the day was his driving fast across the lake!

My excitement was my first catch of the summer! It was a team effort of course as I doubt I would have netted it myself while reeling in. We haven’t seen a pickerel this size at this lake before.

I am getting braver about holding my fish.

Long Time Gone Quilt and Life

It amazes me at times how much fabric I have accumulated over the years. I have had so much fun pulling from scraps that have been gifted and then digging through my own bits and pieces…a few (maybe more than a few) fatquarters have followed me home from Donnas shop in Pass Lake and a little online shopping as well for background fabrics. Or is this just a little stash enhancement.

Also a little thread wax as I have never tried it before.

Yesterday’s trip included some fun for Liam, as he got to meet and hold Oreo…this little guy was found by Donna’s grandson and was almost expired before he set out to revive the baby which he clearly has. (There are plans to release him when he appears to be ready…hopefully it won’t involve a certain scent 🦨)

The fun hoodie Liam is wearing was a little big on him just a few weeks ago!

Piecing Long Time Gone has been just the project for relaxation this summer. The piecing really isn’t difficult and has enough variety to keep it interesting and what a fantastic opportunity to play with colour!

Some blocks for my Long Time Gone project

June Guild Meeting

Last night was the final meeting until fall for the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild.

The guild had arranged to have Rose Parr as a guest speaker. She spoke about Sew Smart-the Ergonomics of Healthy Quilting.

My cutting and pressing station are the perfect height for me, although I did realize that my chair was too low at my machine so tried changing it to the suggested height and experimented through the rest of the meeting with some crumb piecing and yes I prefer my chair higher!

I had started to sort through scraps while waiting for the meeting to begin and when I came across a little baggie of solid scraps I had a strong desire to play 😊 and by the end of the meeting this is what I came up with…

I was too late to send my Sisterhood swap block for last nights meeting however I do plan to use it for a bag at some point.

Jennetts Quilts

These wall hangings were super fun to quilt for Jennett, the appliqué pieces were so intricate and interesting. She did tell me after I quilted them that they were made from kits and that the appliqué was all precut.

It wasn’t lost on my quilt model that he has been to all three of the places on the small hangings…

We miss our quick drives to Minnesota and hope to visit again sooner than later!
We also hope to visit Our Texas family again 😊
And of course…home sweet home
This one was so much fun to quilt and look at!

Fathers Day

One evening almost 17 years ago, my Dad called me and asked if I had ever heard of a Longarm quilting machine. I had seen the adds in magazines and knew that as a single Mom of 4 young girls that owning such a thing was not possible. I was working full time with a lot on my shoulders.

Well, a couple of weeks or so later, my Dad called me at work. (My parents lived in Calgary at the time and I in Thunder Bay). He called me to tell me that he had ordered an APQS Millenium Longarm and that it would be delivered in 2 weeks!!!

My Dad, an artist himself knew something that I didn’t know at the time. He knew that I could use my love of quilts and my creativity to not only supplement my income but to grow in my art.

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!

Dad with his faithful companion Charlie and I


I met Lorraine around 2010 when she first contacted me about quilting for her. Like so many people who I quilt for a friendship evolved.

Lorraine made so many quilts and most were very large and always gifts she was so kind and full of wisdom. I always picked up her quilts and after quilting and attaching her bindings I would return them to her and enjoy a nice long visit.

This was one of the first quilts I quilted for Lorraine.

When she moved into a retirement home a few years ago she told me that she was finished quilting, not long after she called me and said all the people there ever talk about is how old they are and what was wrong with themselves. So she said that she had turned her utility closet into her new sewing room and would I mind quilting a few more quilts for her.

I delivered her final quilt to her on June 6th

This morning I read that she passed away peacefully on June 7th at the age of 89. I will miss her gift of friendship.

Weekend Recharge

We have been busy around here the last few weeks. Putting in a new garden and working around the yard takes time.

I continue to quilt for customers and of course I have Liam most days of the week, we are both happy to see the end of this school year in sight!

This past weekend I felt the need to recharge, I went for nice long walks and spent a lot of time in my studio.

I often put either some music on or a show on Netflix to keep me company however this weekend I came across Karen Brown of Just Get it Done Quilts.

She offers so much content on her YouTube channel from learning about colour, using your scraps, decluttering your sewing space and of course making scraps.

My pineapple blocks needed to grow in order to be added to my Long Time Gone Quilt… somehow I ended up making 7 more than I needed. This type of piecing is very relaxing for me.

I also completed the Crosses of the U.K. blocks

And got a good start on this customer quilt…


The sky is rumbling this morning as it was yesterday morning. While I cut grass with the riding mower Friday evening I watched the sky as the clouds rolled in darker and darker and just as I was close to finishing the wind picked up to the point where you know it’s time to head inside! There wasn’t a lot of rain just thunder and quite the light show.

Our weather has been hot and humid the last few days a little unusual for this time of year. It’s also black fly and mosquito season and as careful as I have been I have more than my share of bites.

Now that Erik has retired we have added a couple of gardens and had a load of soil delivered and picked up a load of horse manure from a farm not too far from here. Needless to say there has been a lot of outside work lately.

Liam learnt how to use our dandelion puller though we gave up on controlling them years ago!

The government announced last week that the schools will remain closed until September so virtual learning continues until June 25th. Liam had mixed emotions about the decision, he does miss being at school but he also enjoys being here though he really likes virtual class. We have adapted and he works on some of the assignments that are posted independently.

We often head out for explores in our woods. There are mallards nesting by our pond.

Liam guessed that the robins were hatching, I went under the deck and took a few quick pictures so we could see what was going on…

Next time I will take a little more time to get a better picture. It was fun to see though. There was also a squirrel lurking about…I chased it off and so far it hasn’t been back.

On the quilting front I am currently working on a customers series of 5 wallhanging which I will share soon. I realized after the fact that I didn’t take pictures of Lorraines latest quilt which made me sad as she isn’t sure if she will get to the last two she has planned due to her declining health.

My Moda blockheads quilt is still on the wall as I wait for the Bella Solid to arrive for sashing.

So while I wait I have started working on my next quilt Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell. I am planning to make it primarily from scraps.

On a fun note I added a little fabric to my stash…

Check out Fuelled by Fabric if you are in my area, Donna does deliver and does curbside as well.

Anne’s Quilt

I am always drawn to blue and white quilts and this one was definitely a pleasure to quilt.

Anne chose the pantograph called Ripple it was a perfect choice. I love the movement the quilting adds.