Lucille’s Quilt

Lucille began this quilt for her Granddaughter it was originally meant to be smaller however as the last couple of years curtailed travel she decided to make the quilt larger.

It was a pleasure to quilt this pretty quilt with the sea turtle backing. I used the pantograph called Waterworld. It gives such great movement to a quilt.


Liam and his Dad brought out Liams first dirt bike last week, he has been learning to drive it and yesterday he explained to me how the gears work and when you use the different ones.

Sometimes he and Pappa will go for rides through the trails they both look so happy as they play! Liam also drives around the yard and through the paths closer to the house…I can often hear him singing as he drives.

Making memories

We also hiked Rabbit Mountain this week. Erik and Liam climbed the straight up hike up the hydro line. I preferred the other path this time still a good hike but a little more relaxing for me.

The base of their hike

Many hours were spent in the pool this week along with Liam eating and picking many of Mummus raspberries and and a couple of bowls of ice cream there as well.


The past couple weeks have been filled with life and one part of our lives involved saying goodbye.

Erik’s Dad passed away on Monday at the age of 87.

Martti and Hilkka

Martti had worked hard all of his life and as both Erik and his Mom put it he had alot of fun being a Dad. I knew Martti in his later years and I loved how his eyes always lit up when his family would come to visit him esp the grand and great grand children.

Martti and his wife also shared a love of fishing. The above picture is one I took one of the last times we were all at the same lake together. We enjoyed visiting by the campfire and later Erik commented that there would probably not be many more times at the lake together. We cherish these memories.

I will miss him, we always had our little jokes and laughs when I would see him he had a big heart and smiles to go with it.

And Then it Happened

Liam loves the decorative pillows that came in a bed in a bag years ago…Erik not so much as it seems silly to him to have to remove and replace unnecessary pillows from a bed.

Liam on the other hand has had hours of fun with them. Yesterday after arriving he created a little nest for himself so I handed him the book he has been reading…

I have always loved reading to children and Liam has been no exception. Encouraging him to read for pleasure has not always been met with excitement or even willingness.

I asked my friends son who is 13 for book recommendations and he suggested the And Then it happened series. His Mom said oh her son has outgrown the recommended age group but still pulls them out and reads for fun.

As his Mom put it these books have stories about pranks, farts, stinky, muddy stuff etc… perfect for a 9 1/2 yr old boy.

The link below gives a chapter from each book to sample… I ended up buying the series from Amazon to have in our library here for years of fun reading.

Dresden Flowers

Years ago while working at CCAC one of my tasks was to share certain stats with someone named Pam who worked for VON…her name was Pam and we often chatted about life a little. I knew that she was interested in quilting esp for when she retired. She also had told me that they had bought a camp (aka cottage in other areas) at one of our favourite fishing lakes.

Now years later we have met in person and she has given me the privilege to quilt some of the quilts that she is making for her grandchildren. This first one is made using Dresden plate as flowers each flower has writing on it from family members.

She had already embellished this top so we discussed quilting ideas other than a pantograph. Working from the front of the machine and what I call doodling with some added traced designs from a book by Judy Madsen this quilt left with its happy maker.

Cathy’s Wolf Quilt

How amazing are these digital panels! Cathy has made this quilt for her granddaughter and now that there is a little more freedom for travelling she is finally able to deliver her quilt.

She chose a perfect dark charcoal Fireside for the backing. I pieced two lengths for the quilt….this fabric is so nice to work with and my only recommendation is to take the time to check the nap direction.

You can really see the outline of the pantograph Star Struck on the back!

I am sure that this quilt will be loved and snuggled under for many years to come!

Longtime Gone and Life

This journey of life is so often winding and full of twists and turns and mine of late has been just that. So far this summer has been extremely full.

Birthday Roses a gift from last years birthday that bloomed on my day this year!

I celebrated my birthday last month and was so surprised when several of our daughters (we have 7 combined) and all but one of our grandchildren (he lives in Texas) came over to visit and have a impromptu pool and dinner party. It was so much fun!!! How can you beat the joy and laughter of family.

There have been medical appointments for family members who I do my best to be there for and this last week also involved a one day trip to Toronto for tests. A two hour flight each way and thankfully my sister by choice was there to drive us to and from the hospital…that was a full day!

Eriks Mom and I waiting for our first flight!

There are some more medical situations happening and the coming weeks will involve big decisions and changes for members of our family. Aging is not always easy.

My Dad however is turning 84 next week, he just bought himself a new bike and is really enjoying that freedom and fun. It’s nice to see. He has spent the last couple of years learning and perfecting his cooking skills and he told me last night that my brother has bought a Ninja Foodie…Dad bought one because I have one and he has been encouraging my brother to get one as well. Dad told me last night that my brother bought one yesterday.

Liam is still here almost every weekday. I love his fun and laughter and feel so blessed that we can be such a big part of his life! He keeps our pool well stirred up. He really enjoyed his guy day with Pappa while I was in Toronto and the next day…because they couldn’t fit it all in started driving the go cart…pictures to follow in another post.

Liam chilling during our heat wave

So….Life sure has its moments and as much of it brings joy some of it is really heavy and can make me so weary. My quilting life really does as always get me through. My current customer quilt is mostly freehand fill and puts me in a wonderful zen mode.

My Longtime Gone blocks are coming along … it’s not a project to rush through instead I am savouring each step.

60 degree triangles

Kathy’s Quilt

Kathy’s Exploding Heart quilt was so much fun to work on. Her fabric choices included some really whimsical prints …My favourite being the avocados. Green has never been a colour that I have gravitated towards but lately it has been drawing me in.

A small snippet of Avocados can be seen.

I am often asked to choose the quilting design and after some thought I felt that spirals would add to the fun of this quilt. I love the movement that they add.

Kathy sent me the pictures after finishing her quilt, her backing was a perfect choice and I am impressed with her machine binding. A skill that I haven’t worked on but plan to one day.

And last but not least! Her finished quilt that was a gift for her sister whom she told me absolutely loves her quilt.