Life has somewhat returned to normal after arriving home on Monday afternoon.

I missed my Longarm and studio! It is always fun to come back from trips with goodies and see where they are going to fit in to my fun room!

I have been busy working this week on customer quilts and plan next week to begin carving out some time for play again.

Recent finishes, I will post pictures after they go home.

Early Morning Reading

Some days I wake up far too early to start my day, when I can’t fall back to sleep I spend time reading and often check out some interesting quilting blogs….of course finding more inspiration than one needs does not help me to fall back asleep.

I have been following Savor Every Stitch for some time. Her piecing is modern and fun and her quilting is superb.

Liz recently took part in a block hop featuring a new book Just One Charm Pack Quilts by Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs this led me through a fun rabbit hole of more blogs and fun reading and inspiration.

Home and Quilting

We had been staying at the Chelsea hotel in Toronto and for the most part it has been a great choice.

My back will thank me for being back in my own bed tonight as I have been sleeping on the pull out. I did let the staff know how horrible it was with springs pointing up through the thin mattress however there was no response.

We are both happy to be heading home and so thankful that our mission is complete and has been successful.

Billy Bishop Tunnel on the way to the airport.

Tonight is the first meeting of the 2021-2022 season of the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild. I first joined this guild in my 30’s and took a short break in my early 40’s while going to school and adjusting to a new life with my daughters. I am looking forward to hearing the plans so far I know that it will be offered on zoom even if we are able to start gathering in person.

I am also looking forward to this years sew along, not that I really need another project! There was also the announcement of another swap as last years sisterhood swap was such a success.

If you are interested in learning about our local guild here is the link http://thunderbayquilters.org/

This is one of the versions of this years sew along.

Toronto …part 3

Yesterday was a full day. The purpose of the trip was for Erik’s Mom to under go a TAVI procedure. (A heart valve replacement) thankfully for the most part everything went smoothly and after an overnight hospital stay we are back together at the hotel.

The rest of our stay will be in the hotel and for her to relax and rest with a little walking more each day.

I really enjoy not having to eat out and have found it very easy to make healthy delicious and fast meals with careful shopping. I much prefer my cooking and the money saved can go to more fun things like adding to my fabric stash!

Last nights supper made from some of a pkg of a fresh stir fry mixture and some rotisserie chicken and a little sauce.

I had to wait outside of the hospital this morning for a half hour before they let me up to visit. I found a nice shady spot to sit and relax… these buildings are so interesting to look at so much concrete but where I sat had so many trees and nice green grass. A little oasis.

My little project awaits me while Hilkka rests up for our journey home on Monday .

Toronto…day 2

Eriks Mom wanted to rest yesterday afternoon after her pre op and encouraged me to set out and visit a quilt shop.

I chose The Workroom , so set up a Uber ride. On the way to the shop a traffic drum came flying off a truck in front of us…I sure was impressed with the drivers ability as it flew right into our path with so much traffic and speed involved thankfully he was able to miss it but it was by inches. He earned his tip that’s for sure!

Not the best thing to fly out of a truck in traffic! Yikes!

Thankfully I arrived safe and sound and relaxed looking at all of their fabric and supplies. This shop caters primarily to Modern Quilters, they also carry every colour of Kona cotton which made it very easy to find the sashing fabric that I have been looking for for my Long Time Gone Quilt. I chose Silver which is such a pretty and soft gray.

Along with the Kona solid this bundle decided to join me in my quilting journey.

Stay Gold by Melody Miller

My local guild will be beginning a quilt sew along this month and I am leaning towards using fabrics from this bundle. I wish that I could have decided on my background while in the shop however I chose to wait and give it a little time.

There is another shop not far from here that offers free delivery within this area…yikes should I go there?


Eriks Mom and I arrived yesterday, we flew Porter which was a first for me and what a smooth and easy experience. My girls explained how Uber works and wow that was fantastic.

We are staying on the 24th floor of the Chelsea. My only gripe is that there are no longer coffee makers in the room…I brought my own which won’t surprise anyone who knows me!

While Hilkka rested, I set out for groceries as we have a room with a kitchen. I am not a big city girl that’s for sure and using my maps app on the phone sure makes everything so much easier.

Our evening view was much brighter, though it definitely is a lot louder than our for the most part quiet country life. So many non stop sirens.

We have a balcony so it was nice to get some air last night.

I have begun a little English Paper Piecing project to keep busy while we are here. That will be another post. I am hoping to visit the Workroom while here as it seems my closest option of a quilt shop and it certainly looks intriguing….have any of you been there?

Long time Gone update

My free time for piecing has been minimal for the last several weeks, I have made some progress on this fun quilt though.

Auditioning fabrics for the trip around the world block. I have decided to stick with the red and outer ring will be blue.
These sweet little churn-dash blocks were fun to make, I decided to use the same background for each block and not repeat any fabric. I absolutely love playing with so many bits and pieces.
I am on the lookout now for dashing fabric. I have scraps of the solid gray and hope to find some soon.

Catherine’s Drunkards Path Quilt

Another amazing piecing job by Catherine. She told me that she used what she had on hand for this quilt top, I recognized most of the fabrics from previous quilts that I have done for her.

The pantograph Flying Paisley was perfect for this quilt.