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I made this quilt using a pattern called Summer Wind, I had originally made it with a different fabric collection and in a different season of my life. The first quilt was pieced in a 3 day marathon session, when I needed something to completely take my mind of some challenges that life was throwing my way. I had always intended to use the pattern again and when I found myself with a stash of Gypsy Rose from Fig Tree Quilts I knew I had my next Summer Wind Quilt.


When I first posted pictures of this quilt that I made for Erik’s Daughter Megan, the pattern designer Carrie Nelson commented that she thought its name should be Summer Gypsy, which I really liked and renamed the quilt.


One of the things I really love about this pattern is that you start in the centre and work your way out border after pieced border.

Megan has decorated her room about this quilt. She really has great taste in colours and has done an amazing job (I’ll see if she’ll let me share a peek)

I used a pantograph called here and there to quilt it. I think this design flows beautifully across the quilt and I personally think it looks like hearts which is another reason I chose it.

I’m adding this last picture to show you the quilt I made for Megan to go with her older bedroom, she chose the colours for that room herself too. It’s interesting how our tastes change over the years isn’t it.

Strawberry Hot Cross Buns

Yesterday we had summer weather, today we were back to jackets and chilly weather. I think we’ve skipped spring this year.

I’ve been piecing this little Schnibble called Hot Cross Buns by Carrie of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. this pattern is in her book Schnibbles Times Two.


Schnibbles Times Two: Quilts from 5" or 10" Squares


something that helped in planning this little top was choosing the centre squares, I placed them on my design wall in the order I thought I’d like then I took a picture and referred to it as I chose the crosses.

Both the book and fabric will be available at our new quilt shop “The Circle of Friends Quilt Shoppe” ( The shop will be opening in June)

I’m also working on some little quilts as in baby quilts.

Quilt Show Weekend

This quilt was made by my friend Leila, she embroidered the blocks, pieced the quilt and had me quilt it for her. I added crosshatching and lots of feathers.



this is another quilt by Leila, she had me quilt it with a Butterfly pantograph.


Terri’s quilt has a very special story. Her daughter started this quilt as a teenager and then life got busy for her and it ended up as an unfinished project. Terri decided to finish it and give it to her daughter at her bridal shower. I quilted it for Terri using a pantograph called Shasta.


Alva’s Colourful Cranes, there are 98 paper pieced cranes in this quilt. Alva’s use of colour always amazes and inspires me. (I promise Alva I will jump out of my comfort zone and use real reds one day!) We chose a Pantograph called Bayside which gives this quilt added movement but doesn’t distract from the piecing.


Alva made this quilt for her granddaughter Kara.  The pattern is called Wind Blown Blossoms and was found in Quilt Maker Magazine Spring 2010, it is a total deviation from the quilt in the Magazine but these colours are so Alva. Alva chose a Pantograph called Vortex for this one which really complements it.


Summer Gypsy is a quilt I made a couple of years ago for Erik’s daughter Megan. I wish the colour was more true in the picture, I’m going to try to get better shots of it today. It was made with Carrie Nelsons Pattern Summer Wind and Gypsy Rose Fabric by Fig Tree Quilts.


Elizabeth will be given to her owner Shauna after this show. This quilt is a wedding gift that my daughter Sarah asked me to make for her very dear and close friend. Shauna has been patiently waiting for her quilt. They were married last summer. Elizabeth is another Carrie Nelson pattern (Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co) and the fabric is Rouenneries by French General.


Finally, Katie has long awaited her quilt! (she is in pink) Sunday night I’m sure this quilt will be on her bed.

Opening Day is a pattern by Carrie Nelson (Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co) and the Fabric is Aster Manor by 3 sisters. Katie chose the fabric and pattern.

Hmm kinda looks like I’m a Carrie Nelson fan and I’m love Moda fabrics!


Newest Addition

To my machine family that is.

I’d been watching this machine on Kijiji for months now and when I noticed that the price had come down to $55. I decided to check it out and if it was in good shape I would pick it up. I really needed a new table for a corner in the living room so it will have a home.

It has a lovely stitch too. Its a Singer 99K (1956) that makes 4 vintage sewing machines in my collection, one for each of my girls someday if they so desire. (I wonder if that will prevent me from giving a good home to future finds?


My Little Schnibble “Happy Day” is coming along too. I have a spot in my living room above my Treddle that it will hang. For those of you who are not familiar with Schnibbles have a visit at Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.


Quiet but Busy and Half Square Triangle Tutorial

This week seems to have flown by, I was able to accomplish a few things in my studio as well as some very welcome walks out in the sunshine.


I finally have all 30 blocks completed for Emily’s quilt. Now I have to decide on sashing. I would probably use a muslin if I’d had enough but I don’t and I can’t find a perfect match. So my next idea is to use one of the prints beside the blocks. I’ll lay it out next week and share some pictures and hopefully get some opinions.

I’ve been quilting a custom job on my longarm that is taking longer than I like, so for a little diversion I started another project using my Beach House Layer Cake.


I’m ready to piece these 25 blocks which will be part on my next Schnibble.

While trimming my half square triangles, I was thinking that some people might not be aware of the Quilt in a Day Ruler that I use. This is a tool that makes trimming these a breeze:

in this example I used two 5” charm squares right sides together, and drew a diagonal line.


I sew a very scant 1/4 inch seam on both sides of the line and then cut along drawn line.


Using the ruler, in this case I’m making 3 1/2” squares so I line up the stitched line with the 3 1/2” line and trim


Press open and trim the dog ears if you desire.


In my opinion this ruler is worth more than its weight in gold!! I hope that it helps you too.

Time to finish what I start

I’ve spent several hours in the last two days stitching down bindings. I was so close to finishing this one last night but I was just too tired. I have learnt that things go so much better when I’m well rested.


I’m also almost finished binding Opening Day the rest are finished.  (From top to bottom: Sunny Trails, Aviary Quilt (pattern from Heather Heather Mulder Peterson’s book Livin’ Large), Opening Day, and Finally Elizabeth is finished.

Well actually I have some sleeves to sew on some of these quilts as well as Megan’s Gypsy Rose as they will all be displayed at our upcoming Quilt Show.


I’m still working on Emily’s quilt, it’s taking more time than I’m used to and I’m constantly fighting the urge to start something else but I’m determined to complete this quilt before summer.

Finished Sunny Trails and the Possibilities Club

Sunny Trails is quilted and bound and ready to hang in the new shop next month. (other than the label) I am so happy  with this quilt, and I’m already thinking making another with scraps. I think this quilt has also been claimed once it’s finished being shown in the shop……more to follow on that.



Tonight was the second meeting of the Possibilities Club. This is a group that was started as a means to discuss different uses for pre cut fabrics as well as other ideas for using scraps that we all seem to accumulate. We meet once a month and each month one or two people will run the meeting by bringing in some ideas that they’d like to share. I’ve offered to take my turn in June.

There’s nothing like spending time with people who share your passion!

Sunny Trails Continued and some etc..


I’ve been busy working on Sunny Trails and the top is now ready for quilting.


its such a sweet little quilt. Hopefully someday I’ll have a granddaughter to give it to eventually. The only thing I’d suggest if you choose to make this pattern is that it would probably be easier to put the blocks together if you press the seams open. I still prefer to press to one side.

I had enough fabric left over to make these 9 patches


I have another layer cake on order so I think I’ll make another quilt and use the scraps with these 9 Patches and make a schnibble pattern.

But first I’ll finish piecing Emily’s quilt.

Erik and I watched Great Balls of Fire on DVD last night. It was a good movie, colourful fellow for sure.




I spent the afternoon with my Mom. I had bought my parents tickets to see the Tommy Hunter show (his final tour) but my Dad had a carving workshop this weekend so I went instead. For my Canadian Readers you know who he is. He really put on a good performance and said that he’s decided to retire while he can still perform. He’s 74.

The Tommy Hunter show was on the CBC for 27 years, many of those years during my childhood. This clip was with Johnny and June, I was fortunate to see them live as well. I always loved the Johnny Cash show.


My Kind of Day

It was sunny out today, but surprisingly chilly I think I heard that it got to –17C overnight brrr considering its supposed to be spring.

Anyways I spent a good part of the day doing what I set out to do today and I’m happy to say I have all the blocks except 2 small parts completed.



The reason I say except for 2 small parts is that the grey pinstripe I chose to use is directional and I made a mistake in placement so I had to fix my problem and I’m now short 2 3.5” pieces. Thankfully I have a good quilting friend who has come to my rescue and I’ll be able to finish up the last block in the next day or so.

I know that this quilt is a copy of one that I saw, but I love the fabric and I love the pattern so I will now have one too. I highly recommend  Sunny Trails and will make it again and probably with stash.

Sano muikku

I’m still busy working on my Sunny Trails Quilt and loving it more and more, though I might add that instead of using the solid grey as the pattern suggests I’m using the pinstripe..I thought I’d figured out which direction I wanted the stripes and then realized too late that I needed to make a change. It’s all good to go now.

I also have 4 quilts that need the binding sewn down hopefully sometime this week.

So I thought I’d share a little more about my trip to Finland last summer…

While we were in Finland Erik thought it was funny that his relatives would say “Sano Muikku” when they took pictures. It has the same effect as saying “say cheese” only Muikku isn’t cheese.

Then one day I came across a post at this blog I found her blog to be a very interesting read.

You see Muikku is a real treat in Finland, they are small fish that are seasoned and fried as shown, and so yummy. So instead of Say Cheese in Finland it’s Say Fish!



I think Erik’s cousin was very surprised at how much I enjoyed them.