Memory Quilts

About a year ago I was commissioned to make 3 queen sized quilts, no problem there. The quilts are for sisters using their mothers stash (they had recently lost their mom). Their mom had sewn clothes for many years and was not a quilter, so when I met with one of the sisters and the stash we were met with a challenge. There wasn’t any quilting cotton in this stash, instead lots of polyester….the kind my never wearing out childhood clothes were made out of, there was wool and other dressmaking goods. Lots of colour and texture variety.

I have a friend Florence, who pieces for me and agreed to take on this task for me and wow did she do an awesome job. We decided to make string pieced quilts like the ones I’ve seen on Bonnie Hunters site as well as Mary’s. Florence made all three tops and there is still tons of fabric left over. The sister who brought me this job was over on the weekend and loves the quilts, so many of the fabrics bring back memories of outfits her mom had made and also of shopping for fabric with her mom.

So now I’m ready to quilt the tops….



To Be Continued……..


I’ve been tagged by Nancy H. so I decided I’d give it a try 🙂

Now, you chosen ones, this is what you have to do:
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1. When I go shopping with my girls I never carry any of the purchases, I’m not sure when this started but now that they are getting older and don’t always come with me I’ve had to get used to actually picking up the bag and carrying it myself.

2. I asked Erik if there was anything unusual about me that he could think of, his answer was that I don’t swear. Well I can’t say that I never have but its not a habit of mine and on the rare occasion it happens people are usually pretty shocked.

3. I first decided that I needed to make a quilt when I was a teen watching Little House on the Prairie. I told my Mom that I loved their blankets and wanted to make one like that.

4. I can’t really remember not sewing.

5. I had never been fishing until I went with Erik and now that I have been I can’t seem to get enough of it.

6. I love clotheslines, hanging clothes, looking at the clothes hanging there blowing in the wind, taking the clothes off the line and folding them and the best part is the smell of the sheets off the line when I sleep. I haven’t had a clothesline for about 9 years now and I sure miss it.

7. Life really amazes me sometimes!

C. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. I think, because I think everyone has probably already been tagged I’ll just say that if you haven’t been and want to be then consider yourself tagged.

Welcome Winter!

Winter came earlier this year than it has in many years. This seems more normal to me for this time of the year. I’m not crazy about the freezing cold weather but there is something so magical about all the snow.


I took this picture last Saturday night after our shopping trip it had been snowing all evening.


This is what we woke up to.




How Beautiful is this!!



One more trip…

Ok , I am actually quilting too, but the leaves are such beautiful colours right now, and the days of fishing weather are so limited now I just can’t resist another fishing trip. Actually yesterday was on the chilly/rainy side and the water was pretty choppy a lot of the day but its just so good to be out there! And no offense to my employer but I have to say any day out fishing is better than any day sitting in my cubicle.

So on to yesterday, we did catch our limit of walleye and instead of a shore lunch hmm I guess you could say we had a boat lunch because Erik cooked in the boat. I don’t think anything is as yummy as fresh caught/cooked walleye.



Just a silly picture I took, I was trying to capture the amount of fish the fish finder was showing.


I just love the colours of the sky in the evening, so much of the day had been rainy and windy but by 7 the sky had cleared and the wind died down, well worth the wait.



My Aunts Quilt

100_4059-small.jpgThis quilt was pieced by my Aunt Marie (my moms sister) Quilted by me, bound by my mom and given to my Aunt Barb to comfort and encourage her in her battle with Brain Cancer.

I used Michelle and Terri’s Panto Feeling Groovy

My Aunts Quilt

Its Hot!

I know its not that hot here compared to many places but after being in an air conditioned office all day and driving home with the ac on this house with no ac is hot!! Soon I’ll head to the basement and hopefully finish the bear paw quilt on my machine.